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Aug 21, 2013 03:02 PM

NEW Papas Tomato Pies opens AUGUST 22 Robbinsville NJ

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  1. I know that the new Papa's in Robbinsville has only been open 1 day, but I was curious to hear from anyone who had already eaten there. My son, wife and self are hoping to go there today, late afternoon, hopefully between the typical lunch/dinner hour crowds.
    If you did attend opening day there, what were your impressions regarding:

    1. (Tomato) pie/food quality?

    2. Service (allowing for normal opening day glitches)?

    3. Environment (we were thinking of eating outside, on their deck)?

    4. Any other general comments/impressions?

    Thanks to anyone who has anything to report.

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    1. re: mchametzky

      Their old location is now closed in trenton.

      1. Went to PaPa's last night. They appear to be open 7 days until 9:30pm. Bring cash, no credit cards yet. No tap water, so bottles are $1 each.
        Special of the day was cheese cannelloni, it was $10 for two baked in a dish. Had obviously been sitting in the fridge and been re-heated to melt the cheese, although it was tasty it was cold in the middle.
        Tomato pie, we got a large with mushrooms. It had a good flavor, but totally soggy in the center. Like when you pick up a slice it droops halfway up. That was kind of surprising.
        I haven't been to DeLo's in a while, but I think they had better crust than PaPa's, more crispy. It's still a good tomato pie and worth the visit, but with all the places in one small area, the bar gets raised.

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        1. re: BeeZee

          Im hearing that the new Papas Tomato Pies is far from the Old original location quality......Ill be at Delorenzos this week

          1. re: Tapas52

            Just found out Papa's "OLD" location in Trenton is now closed...

        2. Hello,

          I believe I'm the OP on this string. Anyway, I've been to the new Papa's twice since it opened in R-ville. Once, with my 15 year old son, during their 1st week at the new location, and then again, last week, with my son and wife. We like it very much. We ate there both times-got there before the big dinner rushes, on a Friday and Wednesday, respectively, and were seated immediately both times. The new building is nice, spacious, clean, with plenty of parking, tables to eat (or wait) outside, and a separate entrance for people picking up pies to take out.
          Both times we had large pies, with sausage and garlic, plus ricotta on 1 half (for me). Both times, the pies were hot (burned the front of my mouth, as usual), cooked all the way through (slices did not sag), but were not overdone/scorched. We had 1 slice left over after our second visit (last week), which I ate cold at work, for lunch, the next day, and it was still great.
          Nick Azzaro (owner) worked the room constantly, greeting people by name, expediting orders, checking on service, all in a friendly, non-obtrusive fashion. I suspect we'll call in and try the pick up-take home service later this week.
          All told, I'm more than staisfied with the new operation. I do think it's a shame that the Chambersburg store closed (what's left-just Rossi's?), but, since I live in Hamilton, the proximity and convenience factor are big pluses for me.

          1. Has anyone had a mustard pie at the new location? Any recommendations in general what toppings go with a mustard pie? Is it worth ordering or should I stick with the tried and true sausage/pepperoni/mushroom etc.

            Any non pizza items that are a must order?

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            1. re: cwdonald

              I have not tried it, but I'd love to hear reactions from anyone who has. We go there pretty regularly, but my wife and son are relatively conservative, when it comes to pizza (if you can call fresh garlic, sausage or pepperoni, and extra cheese conservative).
              Personally, I think ricotta ofers a nice contrast/balance to the mustard, and I find that meatballs complement the mustard better than the other meat toppings.