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Aug 21, 2013 02:32 PM

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur---How would you use it?

DH won a bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. I'm tempted to give it away, but before I do that, I thought I'd ask my fellow 'hounders for ideas on how to use it. I'm not really a liqueur drinker, but perhaps you have some other ideas than drinking this stuff straight up.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Makes a nice ice cream topping.

    I like it a chocolate "martini" one part each: godiva, creme de cacao, regular vodka, and vanilla vodka.

    Probably would be good in some coffee too as an after dinner drink

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    1. re: autumm

      It's very nice in coffee, and a little goes a long way.

    2. For some reason that's always around at xmas....
      We add the godiva to minty hot chocolate,or drizzled over strawberries
      On ice cream or in a milkshake

      Or save it for that office xmas party you have to bring a gift to......(aka how i ended up with a bottle!)

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Can't find the 'recipe' right now, but at Christmas, I make "Drunken Snowmen" drinks. It, however, uses white chocolate Godiva, but why can't you have an "of color" Drunken Snowman? The booze, eggnog, spiced rum, whiffs of cinnamon and nutmeg. (Ratios: for 4 servings, 1 c nog; 3/4 c liqueur, 1/2 c rum and the whiffs).

        1. I like adding it to very chocolately desserts to give them a boost like mousse, brownies, or flourless chocolate cake.

          1. I'd use it to make a sauce for bread pudding with heavy cream. Or you could use it in tiramisu, and dip the ladyfingers in it instead of Kahlua. As an addition to mousse which you can use to make cupcakes with. As a simple syrup for cakes. To flambé bananas. In the glaze for a "rum" cake, in place of the rum. Obviously, I'm a baker and for some reason, the liquer is screaming bake with me, lol.