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Aug 21, 2013 02:17 PM

Has anyone been to the Flying Pig (Forest Hills)

I've heard good things about this new restaurant, on Austen St in Forest Hills, but the reviews on Yelp are pretty poor. Most can't be trusted, since all the posters did was drink and I'm interested in the food as well. The few common things about food seemed to be small portions and slow service...but as I've said, the little I have heard has been good. Anyone on CH tried it yet?

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  1. We went for dinner several months ago and will not be going back again any time soon. They are obviously trying to go for a upscale gastropub vibe and charged their plates accordingly. I had the duck and at $25 a plate I expected much more. I asked for it medium rare and it came out somewhere between medium to well done. The sauce tasted quiet generic. The pudding was lukewarm and tasted as if it had been sitting around for a while. I don't remember what my husband had but it was obviously not very memorable. We ordered a hamburger for my son off of the children's menu. They made a mistake and gave us a cheeseburger off of the adult menu...I shouldn't complain because we got an free upgrade but I definitely would have been upset if I had to pay the full amount ($17) for a run of the mill burger. I feel like the place is your typical Forest Hills restaurant--poorly executed, lackluster food that you'd get at a mega mall in LI but with pretensions of being a swanky place in Manhattan. With few exceptions, Forest Hills remain a gastronomical black hole.