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Aug 21, 2013 02:07 PM

Restaurant recommendations for trip to San Diego/La Jolla

Coming to San Diego in December with my 10 year old son. Looking for some recommendations. They do not have to be family friendly as he is well behaved and eats anything (and everything). Thanks!

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  1. We really enjoy George's in La Jolla. Great view and food, and 3 separate dining areas from beach casual to pretty formal. Also in La Jolla we enjoy Eddie V's for wonderful view and good seafood (now unfortunately under the ownership of Darden, but doesn't seem to have least no yet). For somewhat more formal French cuisine, Tapenade is also very good.

    1. Finche's Bistro and Wine Bar in La Jolla. Dinner is good, and we enjoy Sunday morning brunch there. My 11 month son did well there for Brunch.

      1. I see you are from Massachusetts. The first things I think of would be sushi (very good in SD - try the local uni), and seafood, which would feature different choices than East Coast fare. There is also a large range of border style Mexican food, most of it much better than you can get back home.

        Beyond that, you need to provide more info as to where you will be staying, whether you will have a car (recommended), and what you are looking for in terms of price and cuisine.

        1. Thank you all for your replies. In answer to your questions, Ed Dibble, we are staying in La Jolla and will definitely have a car. We'll be looking at a range of prices as we'll be there for almost a week. We love sushi and seafood of all kinds, Mexican would be great because as you note, Mexican in Massachusetts is pretty awful.

          1. Hit up a Marisco's truck for some excellent Baja style fish tacos, seafood torta's and other taco offerings, smoked marlin, and shrimp known as goubenador. The Marisco's truck off the 5 south at the Toys R Us parking lot on Industrial Ave. is great. For a sit down venue try Mariosco's Godoy on Palomar in Chula Vista, home of the little league champs, off the 5 south. Depending what week you're here in Dec, usually the first Sunday in Dec is the La Jolla Christmas parade, no snow gear needed!