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Aug 21, 2013 01:21 PM

Need 2 recommendations in Georgetown area with kids

They are good eaters, was thinking thunder burger and farmers fishers bakers. also would consider other areas if better.

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  1. How old are the kids? Are we talking lunch, dinner, or both? Price point? What will you be doing during the day? No point in us recommending places near the hotel if you are going to be elsewhere in the city.

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      Kids are 10 and 7 but are good eaters, was looking for just dinner recommendations. Will be in Georgetown area at night and open on price point. Thanks for your help

      1. re: tyjessleo

        OK, so I agree with others that Farmers Fishers Bakers is not good value. Rocklands is in upper Georgetown, which could e a long uphill walk depending on where you are staying. I would definitely go to Clyde's of Georgetown, smack in the middle of town. If they like Italian food, Filomena.

        If the weather is nice, consider taking the circulator bus across the bridge into Arlington. Or even walking across the bridge - great views - if you have any energy left at the end of the day. Loads of choices on or near Wilson Blvd, including Ray's to the 3d which has fantastic burgers, great sides, best milk shake you ever had.

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          We are actually staying in Arlington so may take your advice on Ray's. Although we were planning on going to Thunder Burger one day for sure. My wife gets angry when me and kids eat burgers every meal. So didn't know if you had any other recommendations in Arlington. On another note i have been reading about some great places on 14th street. Would this area be suitable for kids for dinner and is it close to any possible night sight seeing...monuments etc.. My kids are good eaters and this place looks a type of place we would like:

          1. re: tyjessleo

            There are plenty of good places in Arlington.... better choices than in Georgetown. In my order of preference:

            Lyon Hall, Alsatian
            Gharer Khabar, Bengali
            Pupatella, Neapolitan
            Ravi Kabob, Pakistani
            Mala Tang, Sichuan
            Bayou Bakery
            Green Pig Bistro
            Fuego, Mexican
            Eat Bar (no reservations, but not tortuous to get into, focus on the daily specials)

            You'll need reservations at most of those places on 14th St, Pearl Dive included.... No proximity to the monuments.

            1. re: tyjessleo

              Many good options in Arlington but BTW Ray's to the Third has non-burger options. Great fried chicken, turkey burger, very good salmon (and I think there is one other fish option as well). Also a shrimp platter and other seafood.

              14th St - basically Logan Circle - yes lots of great places but I'm not sure about taking kids as most are noted for their beer or wine programs. No monuments in that area. It was a very run-down area a few years ago and came back fast - as close to hipster as DC gets (ducking, putting on flame-retardant suit). I just think the area/vibe is too sophisticated for kids, no matter how good they are about eating from adult menus.

              I have not been to Pearl Dive. The Black Restaurant group generally has great food. It sounds great (but somewhat pricey).

      2. FFB is corporate casual, mediocre.

        Go to Rocklands for the chopped pork sandwich, texas corn pudding, greens. Ching Ching Cha is a tea salon that has some small plates. Nothing outrageous, but they are serious about their tea.

        1. Il Canale for the pizza, never had anything else there but really liked the pizza.

          1. How about Serendipity for desserts? Kids would love that.

            1. We were visiting the area earlier this month and had a perfectly acceptable dinner @ Clyde's in Georgetown. (Casual, broad menu selection, parking garage nearby)

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                Aaah, acceptable. Clearly you did so much better than blindly picking restaurants from the Yellow Pages. Or rifling through the hotel magazine for ideas.

                Or did you?

                    1. re: Hopefulone

                      It's not really snark (maybe sarcasm) it's just a fact that if you blindly pick restaurants out of the Yellow Pages, you'll probably find something acceptable. Look through those Hotel magazines, there's probably a Clyde's ad in there. If not, there should be.

                  1. re: Hopefulone

                    I like Clyde's for a big group. For work dinners or gatherings like that, we often go there. There's a location convenient for us and the menu has something for everyone. I had a particularly tasty steak and apple salad on my last visit. Since its just immediate family in this query, the OP really knows what his family likes and can tailor his options to them.