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Aug 21, 2013 01:11 PM

Driving from DC to NYC..where to stop and eat..close to highway?

Any yummy suggestions?

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  1. I usually wait until I get home to eat, but for something that I can't easily get at home, if I'm a bit north of Baltimore and hungry, I usually stop at Clarence's Taste of New Orleans in Edgewood. I went to the web site to give you the URL, and, just in case someone else suggests it, discovered that it has closed.

    The other place that used to be a stop for too much food that was pretty decent was Mastori's Diner in Bordentown NJ, on Route 130 at Route 206 between I-295 and the New Jersey Turnpike. It's a big place but can get busy at regular dinner time. Being a diner at heart, desserts are yummy.

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      My hubby loves Mastori's. We used to always stop there on our trip from NYC back to Baltimore. You BET--the desserts are amazing.

      Our driver used to scarf down the Chicken Cordon Bleu. He said it was the best he'd ever had. FoiGras

    2. For Asian, I've had two good experiences in Cherry Hill, NJ off I-295 (Exit 34). Pho Eden (good Vietnamese with full menu) and Oh Yoko (sushi). Oh Yoko is a step above the usual suburban strip mall sushi place. It's the only place like that I've been to where they gave me fresh ground wasabi with the fish.

      1. Do you consider White Castle a viable option?

        1. Depending on time of day, and if you don't mind waiting a few minutes, get off at 195, go west to 130 and then north to 33. Go east on 33. At the first light there is a small, newish shopping center/apartment complex. There you will find DeLorenzo's. Best pizza (if you like thin crust) on the East coast. Hands down. Be warned - apart from salad and I think maybe an antipasti plate - pizza is all they have.

          1. R & R Taqueria in Perry Hall, MD. About 7 minutes from 95.


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              Thanks, I will def be stopping here!

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                Original R&R is in Elkridge, very close to I-95. Take Rt 175 east; it's in the Shell gas station on the left at Route 1. Only a couple of stools at a counter, not really an eat-in place. But the food is incredible!

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                  Which location is further away from DC. I like to drive a little bit before I get off the road.

                  1. re: tyjessleo

                    Perry Hall is further away from DC.

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                  After reading your recent R&R post, I looked up the new Perry Hall place, thinking I might want to stop there myself on a trip home from NY. They're open until 9 PM during the week, but close at 6 PM on Sunday, and more often than not, when I'm making that trip, it's on Sunday.

                  Hopefully tyjessleo will get there during the hours it's open.