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Aug 21, 2013 12:35 PM

Aix-en-Provence - which restaurants?

We will be in Aix for two nights this coming September. I am really stuck on where to dine. Here is my dilemma - from all accounts Le Formal should be a choice - but the idea of eating in a basement room is just troubling! I have a bit of claustrophobia and can get anxious in basements! So that is leaving me with Poivre d'ane, Millefeuille, or Lavault on my short list. Which two would you choose? I was looking for something special as one of these two nights will be the last night of our trip to Provence. Or am I being silly about Le Formal?

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  1. Had a great dinner at Le Poivre d'Ane last September on the last night of my vacation. Seating is outdoors in the Forum des Cardeurs so you should have no issues with claustrophobia. High point of the evening for me was having Pork Tartare!
    Enjoy your trip

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      That sounds great! Would you then suggest Le Formal over Mille fueille? Right now we are leaning towards Poivre d'ane for one of our 2 nights.

    2. I understand your concern about le Formal - although I'd call it a "cave" (as in where wine is stored) . "Basement" sounds dreary & charm-less. :-) However we have seen people dining upstairs (ground floor level) where there are a few tables next to the bar. If you are leaning towards eating at le Formal, just ask them if they'll put you on the rez-de-chaussée level, which is also where the kitchen it's not a hassle to serve you there.