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Aug 21, 2013 12:26 PM

Sonoma without Appointments

I love wine. I truly do. I just can't get down with making appointments on my vacation...

Can anyone suggest an attack plan for good tasting room visits that do not require appointments? We prefer Zin and sparking wines. We will be traveling via Calistoga down to Sonoma and have two days there for tasting.

I know it's not wine country, but we will also be in Gualala for two days, in case there are any suggestions in that area.

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  1. If you have a cell phone, just call and ask for an appointment on the fly. Many places that require them do so simply because their zoning / permits force them to.

    1. Sonoma County is much more relaxed than Napa Valley, there are plenty of places to taste without appointments and the tasting fees are much lower (sometimes even free) and often waived with the purchase of a bottle.

      Sonoma County is also very large, so it would be helpful to have a better idea of where you will be staying. In the town of Sonoma, or more in northern or western Sonoma County, like Healdsburg?

      1. Zin: Ridge you can do without appointment.

        1. Thanks for the info, Robert.

          pamf -- We will be staying in Gualala, Calistoga, and the town of Sonoma.