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Aug 21, 2013 12:17 PM

A Mano closing

Really bummed to hear that A Mano is shutting down soon. Went last week, as good as ever. I never suspected business was down to the point that it led to this decision. One less interesting restaurant to enjoy.

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  1. Yeah that sucks. But, hey, Martin's says they'll be open Uptown in 2014!!!

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    1. re: N.O.Food

      Martin's says they're re opening uptown every year since 2007. Seeing is believing.

    2. went a couple times but it never grabbed us. one odd thing was the pastas only came in full-entree portions, not in smaller dishes to compliment your meal.

      despite Domenica's loud, bright, flashy atmosphere we found ourselves going there instead dozens of times because the food rocks.

      1. Is there an overall impression on this board of the Adolpho Garcia restaurant "empire"? I know it includes La Boca, Rio Mar, and Gusto. I've never eaten at these places, but have heard good things about La Boca and coincidentally found myself chatting and drinking with the very nice head chef while dining at the bar of another CBD establishment last time I was in NOLA. But I'm generally not eating steak when in NOLA. So, what's the best of the Garcia lot? And what would characterize a "Garcia" restaurant?

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        1. re: bmoskowitz

          One observation I've made is that the staff at his places really seem to enjoy working there. I don't think I've never had bad service at a Garcia property. I absolutely love La Boca, partly because of the hospitality and generosity of maître d' Orestes Rodriguez, partly because of the relaxed professionalism of the waitstaff, and partly because of the outstanding food. It's a fun place for a small celebration or a dinner for two, worth a visit even if you don't normally do steaks in New Orleans.

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            ok my broken record rant, but... i stopped going to La Boca because of the service. my table ordered two of the american kobe steaks, mine was unfortunately overcooked (medium-rare has a red core, not pink) neither the waitress, nor the host wanted to take it back...they kept coming out to ask what the problem was. meanwhile my companions finished their meal by the time i finally got a replacement (which i was able to get after telling the big manager that he was embarrassing me and ruining the occasion). the whole thing was weird.

            last visit.

          2. re: bmoskowitz

            FYI....Garcia is no longer affiliated with Rio Mar.

            1. re: BayouTeche

              I think Chef Garcia spread himself way too thin. He probably was forced to give up his best place, Rio Mar, to focus on his others. And now we see the closure of one of them. I went to A-Mano several times and was never that impressed. It seemed like a poor man’s Domenica, except the prices were higher.

              1. re: shanefink

                Actually, no. His choice to sell out to Partner Nick Bazan to focus on expanding the Gusto movie theater-dine-in concept.

                Although, I admit, I miss seeing him at RioMar. My kids love him!

                His list of restaurants include:
                Partner in La Boca
                Partner in Gusto, Canal Place
                Partner in High Hat
                Partner in Anacora
                Partner in Gusto (NC and Northshore, Covington/Mandeville)

                He's more of a restauranteur than a Chef, but make no mistake the man knows his food.

                I just found out about A Mano. Admittedly, I'm shocked. Waiting to hear the "whole story."