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Aug 21, 2013 12:00 PM

Hot Sauce

Visiting New Orleans for the first time next week with a couple of friends. We all love hot sauce, and I was wondering if there is any type of tour or anything specific that we should visit. We won't have car, so going to avery island isn't an option. We'll be staying on Bourbon Street. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if Insurance lets them do this but you cold check with BaumerFoods who make Crystal. I'm not sure where the plant is nowadays and I don;t know the younger generation of the family. Tabasco used to let us into parts of the plant years ago but I don't know how far in you can go now. Not really much to see, though. Many plants make different brands of hot sauce, too, so you'd just see bottling machines doing "brand X" at 10:00AM and "Brand Y" at noon. Bruce Foods is another outfit you could checkout (New Iberia..not for this trip but maybe they could give you an idea

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      Hmm yea i guess your right it would be kinda boring. The tabasco plant would be better but like I said cant make it there. Anywhere in general youd recommend for hotsauce lovers?

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        Crystal is being made out in Metairie, I understand. you might give them a call. Maybe they can let you look at a warehouse? You can have a lot of fun just trying the various versions in Louisiana alone.I was on a panel judging the best ones back in the 1970s and I don't recall how many we tried but it was a helluva lot. We were making distinctions between "hot" and "taste." Some got votes for being best on say. shrimp po-boys but not as good in, maybe, gumbo.

    2. I think there are shops in the French Market that have tons of varieties of hot sauce with silly, gimmicky labels and names, but I have no idea where they actually come from and I wouldn't describe them as local. Go check out the hot sauce section at the Rouses grocery store at the corner of Royal and St. Peter in the Quarter. But on the tables of locals, the only hot sauces you'll find will be Crystal, Tabasco, and/or Louisiana, and then maybe Cholula and Sriracha.

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        this would be my suggestion also. I faintly remember last year taking some visitors into a shop on Decatur across from the Market that had hot sauces from all over. The only good thing was that they had many that you could sample

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          If the sauces are from 'all over', pick up any of Marie Sharp's (Belizian) hot sauces. The mash is carrot-based, the peppers are from Belize, and the flavor is singular. Given capsaicin extract, anyone can do heat; it's flavor that's most important. There are none better, IMO.

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            I'll have to check with my guy in Belize but there was areal flare up over that sauce some yeas ago. The owner/inventor claimed it had been seized from her by "scheming lawyers" and she stated another, similar brand but I get the names mixed up. The Belize gang was adamant that the thieves not be rewarded.

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              That'd be sad. Thanks for the info.

      2. Don’t know how long they’ve been around, but I’ve been noticing them more and more lately.

        They make a really hot hot sauce and their spices are good too.

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          I am admittedly biased in this regard because I know the Walker family and like them immensely but I am as objective a proponent of their stuff as I can be.(I also know the families of several other hot sauce makers so I have to spread the loyalty around a bit).

        2. Cool, thanks for the suggestions guys

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            There is also a Tabasco store on Jackson Square - it is amazing the number of products they make!

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              I have several of the neckties, among other Cultural Treasures.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                Personally I am addicted to the worchestershire/tabasco sauce (for bloody mary's). But they do have some cultural treasures!