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Aug 21, 2013 11:43 AM

Random question for Wagnerians

I'm in town for the Ring and would love to hear of any chow-worthy places near McCaw Hall for a late afternoon snack before the opera. Thanks!

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  1. Many of us enjoy the happy hour at the Louisiana-themed Toulouse Petit, which is near McCaw at the corner of Mercer and Queen Anne.

    Get there a few minutes before the 4 pm start time to assure comfortable seating.

    1. Panos Kleftiko has a huge and tasty appetizer menu

      1. My big tip is to limit fluids a few hours before curtain.

        There's a McMenamins on Roy with a 3-6 happy hour.

        But in that area, Toulouse Petit is the place that gets mentioned the most often on this board.

        Enjoy the Ring! We've seen this production twice so we're skipping it this year. It is so engaging it really doesn't seem like such a marathon...if you time your restroom breaks!

        1. Thanks I enjoyed Toulouse Petit - nicely prepared grilled salmon with lentils and lardons, awesome banana cream pie, friendly service, serious eye candy.

          Thanks for the other recs. Will keep them in mind for Friday and Sunday.

          Re fluids - yes I learned the hard way when I drank a couple of espressos before my first Ring since I thought I would need help staying awake.

          Many Wagnerians consider the Seattle Ring to be their absolute favorite so I decided to check it out. I am glad to be here :)

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            I'm glad you had a good time at TP. Their "breakfast happy hour" is also worthwhile. Enjoy the Ring cycle, and your visit generally.

            1. re: Gizmo56

              Back in NYC. Enjoyed the Ring, though unfortunately we never made it to Panos Kleftiko and McMenamins.

              Instead some friends took us to Mashawi on Roy Street for delicious Lebanese food, and Peso's for tasty Mexican small plates, both near McCaw Hall.

              For our other meals we loved the Asian cuisine at Wild Ginger, Pho Thy Thy, and Tamarind Tree, brunch at Serious Biscuit, bistro fare at Le Pichet, new American at Spur Gastropub and Palace Kitchen, the Indian buffet at Katsoori Grill, and the coconut cream pie at Dahlia's Bakery.

              The highlight of our trip was Poppy for the modern thalis. Really creative and memorable.

              We enjoyed the food scene in Seattle and are definitely returning for the next Ring. Thanks again.