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Aug 21, 2013 11:33 AM

Damaged tomato plant advice?

So I planted a second round of tomatoes in containers and accidentally badly bent the tallest branch of one plant while placing the cage in the pot. We tried taping it upright for a few days but everything above the break has apparently died.

We've cut the branches just above the break and left the bandage on for now.

Wondering if it would be better to remove the wrapping and cut just BELOW the break. OR.... Other thoughts?

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  1. Unfortunately, taping usually doesn't work once the branch is bent. Depending on the size of the branch, you can cut it & root it in water. I have three cuttings that are ready to pot up in dirt. The deeper the water, the better. (Bigger rooting area) I try not to root a branch longer than 12- 18 inches. Remove all but the 3 top set of leaves. Slice branch at a sharp diagonal. Place it in at least 6-8 inches deep of water. Takes about 2 weeks and you'll see roots developing! Good luck!

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      The part above the break is gone now. What I'm looking for is advice on how best to handle the portion BELOW the break.

      1. re: Midlife

        Snip below the break, as close to the break as possible, and at the same time remove a few of the sucker branches (if any) beneath the break.

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          Thanks. Above the break didn't make much sense, but after 45 years of marriage I try to 'shut up & listen' as much as possible.

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            I stand in awe. I find myself muttering to myself after 11 years (not of gardening...I've been doing THAT forever) :-)