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Pizzeria Pronto Backyard Pizza Oven-any reports?

I am investigating various backyard pizza 'systems' and wonder if anyone has experience with the Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Runs on propane. Appears to have a small footprint

Purportedly heats to 700 F in ten minutes and maintains heat for repeated use.

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  1. If this works as well as the video shows, I think it would be a good deal for the $300.

    1. No experience. However I saw this wood-fired one on Kickstarter last year and they just shipped (and sold out of) their first batch.


      They claim it'll go over 800F in 10 minutes.

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        "wood pellets" to run it...intriguing.

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          I guess it's a similar operation to the Traeger cookers. It looks like you need electricity so it wouldn't be as convenient as the Pronto for camping, tailgating, and such. Also, the video never gives you a good view of the finished pizza. It looked uneven to me. The Pronto pie looked very nice.

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            It's gravity-fed, not electric.

      2. I haven't used the oven, but it has a few positive reviews on surlatable.com.

        1. Bought one recently. Have used it twice. Propane gets it hot in a hurry. (I got an email from them last week saying some thermometers are mis-calibrated-they were reading 100 or more degrees low- so they are sending a replacement.)
          Before I bought it I was concerned that the height of the opening looked too small in pictures. In fact I've had no problem getting pizzas in (or out!). Extremely portable. Great value for $300.
          See the pictures. Infrared thermo was stone temp.

          1. We have been visiting our son in Laguna Beach, California and ate wood-fired pizza at Michael's in Naples last week, the day they received the Best Pizza in America rating from Zagat's Guide.

            That experience started us thinking about a gift for our son, so we bought a Pronto Pizzeria and a few tools yesterday after a demonstration from the staff at Sur La Table in Manhattan Beach, California. Jori, Abby, and Denise were very helpful and took the time to explain the workings and techniques of using this device. Thank You Ladies !

            Last night ( in the rain, rolling in from the Pacific Ocean ) we set the oven up on our sons DCS BBQ island. He has household gas supply and a 20 lb propane tank as a back-up supply. The two interlocking pizza stones were washed and dried, and the oven assembled. We then followed the suggestions on the SLT website, and assembled 4 pizzas FIRST in the kitchen before firing up the oven.

            The choices were Pancetta with 4 cheeses, Margherita, Olive and sauce, and a simple sauce, 4 cheese, caper, basil, and tomato. We used Trader Joes dough mix, cutting the pizza dough in half to form 2-each small pizzas ( 14 inch ). We would make and ferment our own dough at home, but to save time the Trader Joes product is very good. It is sticky once tossed into a circle, so I would suggest adding flour to the bottom of each pie before assembling.

            The ignite-switch worked the first time, and the oven began heating at 5:30 PM, using a 20 lb. propane tank. At 5:45 the oven had reached 500 F, and continued to climb. As the hard part is always waiting, the first pizza went in at 5:50 PM when the oven reached 600 F. We used a small handled alu pizza peel, dusted in flour, that my son had in his collection of BBQ tools.

            Following instructions, the peel was given a little flour, and the pizza pulled out and given a 180 turn. As the opening is only 2 inches high, one needs to be careful keeping the peel low so the pizza does not scrape onto the top of the oven lid. No problems there, and the first was taken out at 9 minutes, as we like it somewhat charred.

            The dial was kept on high, and we noticed it had actually reached the magical 700 F at this point despite light rain and a 54 F outside temperature.Note that the BBQ was in the backyard, and protected from wind.

            The other pizzas went in and cooked quickly, taking 7 minutes, 6 minutes, and the last 9 minutes. All were cooked, top and bottom crust, and taken inside on a alu mesh rack. With a fresh salad, we had more than enough for three people, with a slice or two left over.

            The oven took 37 minutes to cool off, and the top stone was cleaned, washed, and dried. Everything was put away in one of his BBQ island cabinets one hour later. Our son was very pleased about the gift, and will have a cover made for this from sail cover cloth.

            My only problem, or complaint about this product occurred later when I got up at 01:00 AM for a Midnight snack of leftover pizza. There wasn't any.

            1. If it will fit on my grill, I think I want one of these: http://www.bakerstonebox.com/ I don't see a price yet. (I'd go measure my grill right now, but the rain/snow/sleet mix is kinda off-putting.

              1. They were demonstrating this when we were at SLT last weekend. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. While we have a Big Green Egg and are not in the market for an item like this, if we didn't have the Egg and were looking for a way to make good pizza at home I'd consider this item, particularly given the price point.

                1. Just a follow-up:

                  To herald the nice sunny day overlooking the Pacific, we did Calzone using the Pronto Pizzeria this afternoon.

                  2 Smoked salmon, Onion, and Capers, plus 2 Mushroom, sauce, and cheese. Homemade dough this time, made last night. Delicious, with a salad.

                  10 minutes to heat to 600 F, and 6-7 minutes per batch of 2 Calzone at a time.

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                    Hi, Robert:

                    Enough clearance for a thick calzone?


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                      The opening is 2 inches plus.

                      The problem for some might be getting it out if it is too thick.

                      Our dough mix was left to ferment overnight, and quite thick and elastic today. But they were turned easily two at a time, and pulled out on the peel thick, tasty, and well cooked with a little char.

                      I'm thinking of buying one to take home with us, and changing the gaz valve to ours.

                      So how did your Salmon turn out ?

                  2. This afternoon I read this article in the London Daily Mail online:

                    We've had White Clams in open shells on pizza ? Would that be similar to Pasta alla Vongele, one of our favourites ? My wife and I thought we would prepare this for our son for dinner.

                    We had garlic, olive oil, granulated cheese, flour, yeast, and cornmeal. Just no fresh clams.

                    Looking in our son's freezer, we found a package of Oceankist frozen clam meat, took it our and thawed it. The pizza dough was made, kneaded three times, and left to ferment and rise. The garlic cloves, clams, oil, and cheese were hand chopped, as close to the article photo as we could. We made a large salad, and heated the Pronto Oven at 4:30 PST.

                    Assembled the pizza as my son drove into his garage. A little sticking to the peel probably due to all the moisture, but a baking pallet knife slid it off finally. Next time more cornmeal. 10 minutes to cook.

                    One of the best, and very tasty. No need for salt as the article states, due to the salt in the cheese. Fresh clams will cook very well at 600 F and up. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a salad rounded everything out for all three of us.

                    I also found that an adapter for European gas supply tanks is available elsewhere online, so we are buying another unit from SLT and taking it in the box back home with us. This is a good little oven, and a better value than the 2100 CHF brick oven unit we had considered this summer for the backyard.

                    1. Just purchased one this past week and have since used it twice. So far so good. The product works well and certainly exceeds the quality of pizza made in the standard oven. The toppings, cheese, and sauce are on par with brick oven results. The heating of the oven to 700 degrees takes 10-15 minutes on the highest level, depending on the outside temperature. This evening was in the upper 20's and the stone warmed adequately in about 15 - 20 minutes to generate a crust that was perfectly browned. Cooking time ranges from 5-7 minutes for most pizzas.

                      The oven is easiest to use for smaller pizzas in the 10-12 inch range. Larger than that and the margin for error is much smaller and since there is no lip at the rear of the stone, a pizza could easily partially slide off (which mine did the first time I used the oven).

                      Have made several different pizza styles, including the Napoletana Margherita which came out nearly perfect.

                      Proper technique in handling the peeler is needed and it is vital to flour it. I find that a 14 inch peeler is about the maximum size that will work with the slot size.

                      Have used several types of dough including homemade and Trader Joe's and both times the results were excellent.

                      I plan to try calzone and other thinner cuts of meat or fish in the oven in the near future.

                      This product generally exceeded my expectations and seems to be a good value. The company also seems genuinely interested in feedback and ways to improve the current product.

                      While not possible to do true Pizza Napoletana STG in this oven due to construction characteristics and the inability to reach 900 degrees F, the results I've obtained thus far indicate that you can get much closer to it with this device than most pizza restaurants can.

                      1. My son invited some of his friends from Germany over this week, and pizza, and the pizza oven was on the menu.

                        One mentioned that he could not find decent "German style" pizza in California, so we made a few. No, not Currywurst, or Weisswurst mit Sauerkraut, but .... wait for it ..... THUNFISCH.

                        The number one pizza favourite in Germany is TUNA, and it tastes better than you might think. There are at least 41+ recipes, but the one I used was sauce, capers, onions, cheese (2 kinds) and canned tuna.

                        Some make a paste of the tuna, but we just placed it on the top with oil drizzled to avoid the pizza dough becoming too moist.

                        6 were made, all came out perfectly, and were gone in a flash with a huge salad, fruit, and beer.