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Aug 21, 2013 10:07 AM

Mamma Zu Menu Recs - Compiling a Meaningful Chowhound List [Richmond, Va]

Of course, there is no menu at Mamma Zu... just a blackboard. Still I'd like to compile a list of preferred items/ hits at MZ. There are so many choices and those choices change, so i'd like to make it easier to have a winning meal.

So far I'd say that a whole fish is probably a great thing to order. I had the branzino, and it was spectacular. I would think other whole fish choices are also a good order.

The other item I had which was a total success is a chanterelle risotto. Gorgeous flavor, great texture, with the meatiness of the mushrooms combined well wit the pungent cheese, just a wonderful compliment of flavors.

I would not order again the orecchiette with their 'flavorful' tomato sauce - this was in between a marinara and a spicy sauce, had a touch of cream in it. And I would not revisit their egg in tuna sauce.

If yuo can, please add to this list to make ordering easier in the future.

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  1. A steady resident of the Mamma Zu blackboard that I just tried for the first time was their Eggplant Parmesan. I've never been a fan of this dish at restaurants in general because of the inconsistency in eggplant preparation but these guys make it something special. The eggplant is tender, flavorful and just delicious.
    I saw the branzino and am now anxious to try it on my next visit. Thanks for starting this thread!

    1. I'd always go with the fish at MZ. I like the fried oysters with a side of greens. They do a nice job of lightly frying the oysters. Crab cakes have been great, too.

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        Thanks both of you so far. We're starting to get a nice list going.