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Aug 21, 2013 09:45 AM

Brad Kilgore lands at JG Grill

Surprised there's been no mention here or on chowfather's blog (I got the impression he was a big fan) - what up?

The place is doing Miami Spice, so might be an opportunity to check out on the cheap, especially at lunch.

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  1. We generally don't post that kind of stuff here anymore. Watching Twitter feeds is best for that type of news.

    1. great news and well deserved. I missed it myself on twitter.

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      1. re: Icantread

        Between Burger Beast, Chowfather and Frodnessor, it should keep you up to date...

        1. re: tpigeon

          Should, doesn't. I appreciate being able to read when I can read and I am not one who sifts through twitter religiously. I treat it more like popping in and out of conversations.

          I get to news one way or other, but I'm just not sure why or how it is disseminated is an issue. Has posting openings/closings on message boards become poor etiquette or uncool?

          1. re: Icantread

            Not poor etiquette, it is just from a practical standpoint twitter is a more efficient means to get the message out so you see much less restaurant news items in these forums now.

            Upon rereading my original post I can see how you could take what I wrote and think it was an etiquette or not cool anymore issue so that was my bad.

            Edit: my original post also read like I was somehow an arbiter of what gets posted here. That is obviously not true, it was merely my observation of the nature of the postings here over that last few years.

            1. re: tpigeon

              "you see much less restaurant news items in these forums now." Yeah - there is much less posts of ANY type! Several days can go by without a post. Did twitter kill chowhound? Also everybody's doing their own blogs these days, giving less attention here, and we are all poorer for it.

              Anyway, the OP wasn't intended to break news ( noted the hire in July), so much as see if anybody had been and wanted to talk about it, but I guess nobody here has.

            2. re: Icantread

              All the cool kids are on twitter these days! Actually I have no idea what the cool kids do, I just think most people pick up their news somewhere or another and then don't think to post it over here. Brad announced via twitter last month that he was heading to J&G & (the Miami Herald's online arm) picked it up a couple days later.

              It's a great team with Kilgore & Bachour doing pastry, I've not been over there yet but have been hearing good things.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                I think it comes down to you see a story break in the herald or from a popular food blogger and it gets retweeted to death within the first hour of the story breaking, people naturally assume the information is out there and there is no need to repost it in other forums. This is what I mean by twitter being a more efficient news delivery system.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  Haha. Case in point, I just returned to the thread

        2. Guess I'm first then?
          Full details with pictures here:

          Since the chef changeover, there's been a lot of criticism over at Yelp, both of food (portion size) and service, but to me the setting was top-notch (great seating by windows: restaurant overlooks pool and beach), and the all the food seemed to have been well-prepared (except maybe the mahi in the sandwich was not as fresh as possible).

          1. Ha! Yes I'm a big Kilgore fan. I didn't post about it here because I knew before it went public and sat on it for a while.

            I went to an Intro dinner this week and Brad delivered as expected. He's a talent and only 26. GO!! and save room for Bachour!!

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            1. re: The Chowfather

              There was an intro dinner this week but he's already been there a few months? Was he not in the kitchen until now, or just taking some warm up laps before the intro?

              1. re: non sequitur

                He's been there a couple months now. Common not to do the "welcome" type events until someone has settled in a bit.