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Aug 21, 2013 09:40 AM

Anniversary Trip in October with couple. First time for both

You know how it goes. I researched what I THOUGHT was going to be a great list of places to eat on our visit, but after reading CH, only one of my choices appears to be popular.
The Couple celebrating their Anniversary want to do Topolobampo for their special night (have reservations)
Two more nights to pick. Going to a play one of these nights.
Staying at the Chicago Hilton
Thought we would do traditional Chicago Pizza on Play night unless someone has a suggestion for after play eating.
Choices for last night:
Sienna Tavern
Carriage House

Best Brunch for Saturday?
For the pizza (I know this can cause war), I was going with Malnati's? Good? Bad?
Lastly, love a great bar. Touristy, I know, but was looking at C-view and Signature Lounge. Any suggestions for a great bar that isn't on top of a building?

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  1. Malnati's is perfect. Publican would be my choice for the last night. However, they do a fantastic Saturday brunch. I would do it then. Then you can do one of the other restaurants for the last night. Check out Portillo's if you need a casual meal for hot dogs, italian beef, fries one of the days.

    Signature Lounge doesn't have the best drinks, but the views are worth it. Stick w something straightforward. Sable kitchen and Bar or Berkshire Room are nice bars that are not on top of buildings. Miller's Pub has good drinks if the play is in the Theater District