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Aug 21, 2013 09:13 AM


Does anyone know where I can buy pluots in the Kansas City area, preferably in the Northland or Plaza area?

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  1. Have you tried Hen House (tho not being familiar with the Northland, am not sure they have one up there); they have a good Produce Department. Or, a farmers' market?

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      I noticed a post on another website that advertised pluots dated 7/23/2013 by Hen House. They have a location close to the Plaza at 2724 W 53rd St, Fairway, KS.

      1. re: johnseberg

        I saw pluots at the Hen House in Olathe at $3.99 per pound. I bought the black grapes that were on sale.

        Today I went to Natural Grocers, and noticed them for $1.49 per pound (organic). I picked one out, and enjoyed it. I don't think I'd had one, before. It was easily worth the $0.21.

        Sorry the location is not convenient for the op.
        9108 Metcalf Ave 66212