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Aug 21, 2013 09:04 AM

Matta Rice (aka Rose Matta, Kerala Red Rice, Kerala Matta Rice) Help. How to cook it?

So far my attempts to cook this rice have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have advice on the best way to cook Matta rice?

Specifically I would love to know, for stove top cooking--best rice to water ratios, approximate boiling time, ditto steaming time, whether it should be drained after boiling before steaming/resting and should it be soaked before cooking?

Has anyone ever cooked this in a Japanese style rice cooker? If so what method--,Brown or white rice setting, rice to water ratio, and pre-soak or not?

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  1. A couple of leads ... I have made this rice successfully in the past but I don't remember what I did.

    This rice is discussed in seductions of rice and there may be instructions there, if so I would likely have followed them.

    If that doesn't work, I bought the rice at Kalustyans in NYC and may have just followed instructions on the label. You could try calling them.

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      You know, the "Seductions of Rice" idea is brilliant. I use their directions for another Indian rice that I love (kalijira aka Gobindo Bhog) and they are spot on. Toddling off to the library....thanks I'd never have thought of that book otherwise.

    2. Check this link for two methods of cooking this rice:

      Here is another link, where the blogger is making rice porridge (called Kanji) using the Rose Matta rice:

      hope these links are useful. In short, on the stove top, the rice needs to be boiled in excess water (just like pasta) till done and water drained off.

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        Thanks Chowshok, I had seen those blogs and others during previous rounds of attempting to cook this rice, and used a very similar approach, but unfortunately, as with many randomly selected web recipes, they just really didn't work out for me.

        I make congee often, albeit with another type of rice, but in this case I am definitely trying to make a steamed rice to go with Kerala curries.

      2. In Kerala I have always seen it cooked like Pasta, drained, covered and allowed to rest for 10 min or more.
        The Rice Water is kept as a Beverage.
        Also in a Pressure Cooker 4-5 Whistles and again drained.

        1. I used to soak the rice in warm water for 10 minutes and wash out any impurities and then pressure cook for 5 whistles .For 1 cup of rice you need to add 2 cups of water to pressure cook Kerala Matta rice or Rose Matta

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