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Aug 21, 2013 08:59 AM

Monday Night in Chicago need recommendation for restaurant for last minute reservations

I have 1 night to dine out in Chicago this coming Monday (8-26-13) I am staying in the Hyatt Regency on the Magnificent Mile so something relatively close to there would be great but I am willing to travel for a good meal.

Here are the criteria that I would love for the recommendations to meet:
1. Not Italian food. Traveling from Providence and regularly visiting NYC I have had my fill.
2. I need a place that I am likely to be able to get a reservation at (for between 4 and 6 diners) for monday (only 4 days away I notice top restaurants are booking out weeks and months).
3. Preferably laid back I would rather not have to wear a tie.
4. Creative cuisine- I am never good at describing this part of the request, but Chowhounders around the country have come through for me (NYC, Orlando, Dallas, DC, etc).
5. Love small plates if their is a large selection of them. For example I love Oyamel & Jaleo in DC
6. Service- Obviously everyone loves good service, but I am looking for well informed (know about the ingredients and techniques) but are not snobby about it if you need to ask questions (an ingredient/component I am not familiar with).
7. One of my favorite Chowhound recommendations ever was Neighborhood Services in DC. That is the type of food, service, and atmosphere I am looking for (if any Chicago area Chowhounders are familiar with that as a reference point.
8. Price Point- I would like to keep it around $150 pp including drinks if possible for dinner.

As always thank you to local Chowhounders in advance. For years Chowhound recommendations have led me to some of my most memorable meals ever.

Can wait to see what you come up with.

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  1. There are restaurants that make you wear a tie?

    1. Publican has availability for 4 people on Monday, lesser availability for 6, but still some availability on OpenTable. The atmosphere is of a loud, bustling beer hall.

      They are in the West Loop and it is a short cab or train ride away from where you are staying.

      Sidenote: Neighborhood Services in Washington DC? Not familiar with it and a search of the Washington DC & Baltimore board and Yelp in DC doesn't bring anything up.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Thank you for the recommendation. If I was going with different people I Publican would be my choice. I am not sure that the other people in my party would be into the beer hall atmosphere and communal table thing, but for me that would be a perfect fit.

        BTW- Sorry I meant to specify that Neighborhood Services is in Dallas, TX

      2. Sable Kitchen & Bar (505 N State St) would be a good choice.

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        1. re: chunker

          Thank you for the recommendation. I made reservations there. Exactly what I was looking for. Everything on the menu looks great and the cocktails look amazing. Cannot wait.

          Thanks again.