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Aug 21, 2013 08:35 AM

Restaurant like Blue Hill NYC for Sat. night

We have been to Blue HIll NYC and Stone Barns and are looking for something different for my husband's birthday celebration on Sat. night. We have reservations at Mas (we've been and it was good) but are wondering if there are other high-end farm-to-table restaurants that we should consider instead. Thanks!!

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  1. Have you tried the other Mas location? Mas La Grillade?

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      We have not. Not sure everything grilled is appealing to us... can you provide any feedback?

      (At Mas last visit, we did a tasting menu. It was elegant, romantic and excellent.)

    2. Probably the most obvious comparison to Blue Hill NYC - in terms of a high-end place doing seasonally-focused fare - would be Gramercy Tavern. If you've never been, they've been pretty good of late. I prefer them to Blue Hill NYC, personally.

      Dovetail on the UWS is worth a look - great restaurant, very focused on seasonality / local produce. He's particularly adept with veggies.

      Finally - and I haven't been yet - there's Juni, the new place from Shaun Hergatt, who was really hitting his stride at SHO before they had some kind of falling out and the place closed. It's apparently hyper-seasonal, menu changing every day, that kind of thing. Haven't seen any reviews yet (I think they only opened last night!) But it's going to be one of the hotter openings in town given his track record, and they surprisingly have a couple tables open on Saturday (6:15 and 6:45 only) -

      1. Oh, I just remembered, Juni, the new Shaun Hergatt place just opened. His food was incredible in the old location. His "mission statement" at the new place is all about farm to table/local produce. We have not been yet (due to it just opening this past Monday) but if his work at SHO is an indication it should be excellent.

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        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Juni was even better than SHO, IMHO.
          Every dish was more refined and more balanced.
          Everything was so beautifully presented and tasted great!

          1. re: kosmose7

            Dang, you went opening night? Which menu did you do?

            Was there any kind of crowd? They were kind of low-key about the opening.

            1. re: sgordon

              It was about half full by the time I finished desserts, because I went early.
              I went for 6-course prix fixe, because a la carte menu sounded more interesting than the tasting menu.
              I had peekytoe crab with caviar, foie gras, summer squash with langoustine, lobster with baby leeks, frozen meringue, and peaches with cream.

              I noticed that the dishes at Juni were less salty and lighter than those I tried at SHO, but they were still flavorful. I loved them all.

              1. re: kosmose7

                OK - you guys are the best!! So now I have dueling reservations at Mas and Juni. Which to choose?! Mas is reliable bc we've been. Juni intrigues us both. The pictures you dishes looked particularly tiny and I never, ever say that. As between the two??

                1. re: kosmose7

                  Interesting, so the 6-course is three apps, one entree, two desserts? There was no explanation on the website menu. Or do they let you pick and choose and just size the dishes appropriately? (The four course I assume is 2/1/1)

                  Wondering if they'd be willing to swap an app for a dessert. Not much of a sweet tooth here... One is enough for me.

                  Curious, too, if there were any amuses / intermezzos / pre-desserts etc along the the way?

                  I think both the pictured dishes were apps, yes? Given that it was a six-course meal, those looked appropriately sized.

                  Personally, based on his work at SHO, I'd go with Juni - it's something new and exciting, probably a little more adventurous. From the way kosmose describes it, I'm looking forward to going for sure. Prices are almost the same - a smidge more expensive at Juni.

                  1. re: sgordon

                    >Wondering if they'd be willing to swap an app for a dessert.
                    Although I am not 100% sure, I think they may, because when I ordered two desserts, my server flinched a little bit as if he didn't expect it. LOL

                    My first photo is three amuse-bouches (portabella ribbon with pickled shimeji mushrooms/ corn custard & corn espuma
                    / carrot with goat cheese), and second photo is foie gras (an app).

                    They also served four kinds of petits fours at the end of the meal. Overall, portions seemed appropriate and I was full.

                    Juni's lunch menu sounds like a bargain as well, at $30 for two course and $35 for three course, although the menu sounds a bit less exciting than dinner. But still very good prices!

                    1. re: kosmose7

                      We landed on Juni. I'll let the group know how it is after dinner tomorrow. Thanks again.

                      1. re: BonVivantNYC

                        We did the 6-course at Juni and were happy with our decision. The amuses were delicious - a carrot chip with goat cheese mousse, a mushroom dish and a corn espuma (WOW). For dinner I had the foie gras (very good), the tuscan kale soup (ok - maybe too "green" in flavor), tasted the ravioli (excellent), the black bass (excellent... black truffle sabayon was sensational), the lobster w baby leeks (this was bad - the lobster tail was very overcooked and the size of a langostine / crayfish), veal tenderloin (very good) and shared desserts. Overall, it was a nice time though there are a couple opportunities in service (ability to explain elements of dish), and again... that lobster was a disappointment that hopefully will be corrected soon.

                        Thanks for the recommendation!

                        1. re: BonVivantNYC

                          Glad to hear that you enjoyed Juni like I did.

                          I am also sorry to hear that your lobster was disappointing. When I had the same dish, my lobster was big enough in size and it was tender and soft. I guess it was just a bad day.

          2. Craft has a 5:30pm table available.

            Riverpark looks like it has a lot of availability on OpenTable.

            I looked at Gramercy Tavern on OT and they appear to be fully booked.

            1. I recommend Equus located inside Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown. Chef is a Japanese, but his French/ American dishes are delicious. Beautiful ambiance is a plus as well.

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              1. re: kosmose7

                This is a great tip for me. Will definitely visit next time when i visit a friend who lives in the area.