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Aug 21, 2013 08:25 AM

Looking for unpasteurized apple cider

I'm looking for a place in south central pa area or the surrounding area to buy unpasteurized apple cider... Can anyone help?

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  1. Not in Pa., but nearby in Md. Is Baugher's Apple Orchard/farm market and restaurant. Location is outside of Westminster, Md. We have purchased delicious cider (unpasteurized) and pies there in prior years.

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    1. re: Hopefulone

      Sadly, it seems that Baugher's flash pasteurizes theirs now, according to their website.

      It's a shame. I used to buy it there years ago, when it was unpasteurized. Lots of fun when it turned fizzy. :).

      1. re: Susie178

        Sorry about that. We used to purchase when down that way taking our son to McDaniel. It was awfully good, but always turned before we could finish it.

    2. How far are you from the Reading area? Weaver's orchard in Morgantown makes thier own apple cider and uses a cider sure instead of pasterurizing - which you can read about on thier website. It's delicious.

      1. kellers ,call first they make small quanties at a time