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Aug 21, 2013 07:07 AM

Possibly Coming to a Food Emporium Near You: Cronuts

Called Croissant Donuts, these were spotted in the Food Emporium on 87th and Madison. Made daily by Melita Bakery in the Bronx, the manager said. He thought they were being rolled out at all metro locations. Cannot vouch for the taste or how they might compare to the real McCoy as they appear sickly sweet. They have been selling out daily within an hour of delivery. Two for $7.00

More on Melita:

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    1. Yesterday at Treehaus deli in midtown east, I spotted dough'ssant by Chikalicious..bought a plain one and ate it on the way to work...after a first bite, i made a U turn, went back to the deli and bought 2 more. It was like $6 each!! sheesh but was worth it. The cream was very delicious(why is it so hard to find good pastry cream in NYC??) and loved the texture as well. Anyone know how much it is at the Chikalicious location?

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      1. re: Monica

        It was like $4 at ChikaLicious if I remember correctly.
        When I tried Cronut for the fourth time last month, the dough became too chewy and tough, and I thought ChikaLicious dough'ssant tasted better than Cronut.

        >why is it so hard to find good pastry cream in NYC?
        Tell me about it!!!

        1. re: kosmose7

          These commercial bakeries, do not use the best ingredients. It is like the black and whites in Starbucks, they look like black and whites but they are almost inedible. I don't understand the phenomenon with CroNuts, they don't really taste that good. Dominic Ansel's are the best though. Others see it as a way to rip off the consumer and make huge profit margins, not caring if they are good or not. If it is in FE then it will be in all their stores, probably will also be in Pathmark and Waldbaums since it is the same buyer for all of them.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Wait until you try ChikaLicious version! :)

      2. Saw a sign for these outside the food emporium on 3rd ave near 31st today, didn't think anything from food emp would be worth the cash and calories tho....

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        1. re: Ttrockwood

          Can't say I'm not intrigued, though they look awful in that Eater review. Pretty expensive for a crappy-sounding supermarket baked good!