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Aug 21, 2013 04:57 AM

Dinner with a baby at Short Pump

I will be meeting some friends as they travel through Richmond Saturday night. They will be staying at the the Hyatt Place near the Short Pump mall. Any suggestions for dinner that is casual, will allow for a nice visit and is baby friendly?

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  1. How many friends, and are they available to dine fairly early (5 oclock, or at least before say 5:15P)

    I have seen babies at both of my favorite Short Pump/Far West End eateries , but they both fill up very quickly after 5 to where there is a line.

    I also recommend these assuming your baby is like most babies when they go out to eat - they sleep most of the time :)

    Anyhow the 2 places are Hogshead Cafe (only if there are 3 of you plus the baby, though, as it is a small 11 table place) and Peter Chang's China Cafe.

    Short Pump is unfortunately lacking in many locally-owned n, non-chain places. Our old standby Patina grill underwent a change and not even sure it it is open anymore. The rest of the places I can think of are either chains or sports bars , except for Ironfish; and I haven't been there yet to say how "baby friendly" it is. And of course, Mama Cumima which is very small and cramped, IMO more cramped than even Hogshead, so definitely not what I would call baby friendly.

    Hopefully someone else will chime in here, or else you may end up at Maggiano's or Cheesecake Factory some other chain in the area.

    1. Peter Chang's is a good suggestion. But, also, several restaurants in Short Pump would do well. Yes, some are chains, but California Pizza Kitchen has pretty good food and meets the criteria. Tara Thai is also quite solid if you're after Asian food.