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Aug 20, 2013 09:26 PM

A Gonella's dilemma: was I a cheater or a genius? (DTW area)

So I had work in Dearborn at Fairlane Town Center today, which took me near enough to Gonella's that I wanted to grab one of their Italian subs today. Unfortunately for me, it was kind of mid-afternoon (well after 2PM, that's for sure) when I was on my way down there via I-75, and I started thinking to myself, "Well, am I going to be happy if I get there and the hard rolls are gone?"

The answer, of course, was "Absolutely not.", especially when taking into consideration that I was going to be driving right near Bucharest Grill where I could get a chicken shawarma sandwich which would also have done the trick.

So what did I do? I used my smartphone to call Gonella's and asked if they had any hard rolls left. The answer? Yes, they did: exactly *one* left. I asked if they would hold it for me if I could be there in 20 minutes. "Sure, buddy, what's your name?" I gave them my name and continued on to Gonella's bypassing Bucharest. Sure enough: when I got to Gonella's I was able to get my sub sandwich with the last hard roll.

I'm pretty sure that, even though the 2-3PM hour is pretty dead around there, that within 20 minutes there's a good chance that someone else may have asked for a hard roll (perhaps not, though), and because of my call, they didn't get one.

Make the call, people: industrious, or evil? Genius, or conniving? Beater-of-the-system, or Cheater-of-the-system? Defend.

One more thing: I was told that it's always fine to call ahead and check, and if they have them, they'll hold them. I'm sure that if you ever *failed* to pick it up, of course, they'd never do it for you again.

Still: that's one sandwich where the hard roll raises the grade at least a half a letter grade, and possibly one full letter grade. Worth the extra dime, for sure.

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  1. I say Genius! Something I wouldn't hesitate to do myself. If you don't get there often then you have to make yourself happy and get the sandwich you want.

    1. It is okay to call and reserve; but, if you have
      Gonella's on speed dial, we are gonna have to consider
      an intervention.

      Note to self: Whenever Gonella's claims they are
      sold-out of hard rolls, I will simply tell them that
      my name is Aron. <g>

      1. Haha, I just joined CHOW and I think I'll fit right in!

        First World Problems FTW!

        To answer the original question; nothing wrong with putting dibs on a bun! You're more on the genius side, IMO. Not quite a 10 on the geniusomometer just for calling and reserving a roll, though... XD

        1. Calling dibs on a Gonella's bun may not be cheating. But, phoning-in a Bucharest Grill order from your Tigers seat during the 8th inning is downright devious!

          1. But, don't they take custom sandwich orders by phone all day?? I've seen DTE guys go out with 20 in a box already made. Conventional is ordering the whole sandwich on the phone 5x5 is a pretty good start, and only making one transaction, plus it's ready when you arrive.

            Genius is when you told us about the Jeremy burger at the bar.

            Calling ahead for bread without filling... to a sandwich shop..not so much. Just adding noise to the system.

            Put them in your speed dial and order a sandwich next time. It will be waiting for you with a smile.