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Aug 20, 2013 09:21 PM

Las Vegas Restaurant Week

Does anyone have any rec's for Las vegas restaurant week?
Any prior dining experiences?

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  1. It's good to see that many of the nicer restaurants are back on the list (the past couple Restaurant Weeks have been pretty abysmal without them).

    Andre's always has a good menu. And eating at Jean George for $50 is a great deal. I hate how lots of restaurants in Vegas default to serving a skirt steak with Restaurant Week because they're easy and fast to make. So places that serve a real steak always get my appreciation.

    Michael Mina would be a good choice (maybe also split a lobster pot pie where you're there).

    I've had a bad meal at Sage, but also a good deal for Restaurant Week.

    Bellagio Cafe is always surprisingly good. They have $30 dinner this time and I would love to try that.

    What are some rules you guys have when looking at menus? Mine are no skirt steak and no desserts that are designed to simply scoop (gelato) or plop onto a plate without effort (creme brulee, panna cotta, custard). I want to know the kitchen had to put effort during service into my meal as opposed to ordering a meal that is designed to NOT be in the way of the "real" service that night.

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      we have simple palates- bone marrow etc is not on our list of likes !
      we would like to enjoy somewhere that we might not eat normally because of the pricing
      ty for your reply
      I was thinking Jean George because it is such a big name

      1. re: Couponbeck

        Jean Georges will be a good choice since it is a cheap way to get to experience a restaurant of that caliber. It does't get as much love as it should, mostly because it's tucked upstairs at Aria and gets no hype. It's an excellent place.

        For simple food done well (that's not a steakhouse), I would say go to Scarpetta. It's an amazing meal at a very upscale-feeling location.

        There are so many good choices this time around that I'm having a difficult time deciding. Jean Georges, Julian Serrano, Scarpetta, Todd English Olives, Michael Mina, Aureole, and Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar are probably going to be my picks this time around.

    2. My wife, daughter and I went to Capital Grille last night for our annual "Back to School" dinner where our daughter selects the restaurant. I know that Capital Grille is a chain, owned by Darden; however, the food and service have always been top notch and last night was no exception. In fact, we now prefer Capital Grille (CG) to Charlie Palmer after our last disappointing visit to CP's.

      Anyway, CG offers each diner the Restaurant Week Menu when they are seated. That is NOT the case at many restaurants where you have to ask for the menu. The options offered provide a great variety and the portions served are normal size (large) and have not been modified for the Restaurant Week Menu- many places do "downsize" for the special menu. In addition, CG is offering the Generous Pour - 7 good wines (3 white, 4 red) all you want to drink, for $25 pp. So, for $75 you can enjoy a three course meal with 7 different wines. A bit pricier than CP's Cut of the Week, but better variety and, quite frankly, we have found the food and service to be better at CG.

      Alex was our waiter and he was very professional and attentive. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend CG.