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Aug 20, 2013 07:46 PM

Wine bars

A quick search for wine bars shows there has been no new discussion in quite awhile.

Looking for someplace for a Friday night, good wine selection AND good food. Not really loud and a place one can actually find a seat, please. Would the bar at La Belle Vie be an idea?

Riverview is close but always kind of food disappointment. I admit, I haven't been anywhere else recently.

Suggestion appreciated (Mpls or St. Paul proper most appreciated.)

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  1. Toast, in the North Loop, has a very nice food menu (the chickpea and avocado crostini is a personal favorite). It's usually a very reasonable noise level. I've always been able to find a seat, although groups larger than 4 might have a harder time.

    1. Broder's opened up Terzo in the old Pierre's Bistro spot, across Penn Avenue from their Pasta Bar. 40-50 Italian wines by the glass, and probably good food. I haven't been yet, but will be going in a month.

      Rincon 38 at 38th and Grand in south Minneapolis has about 20 Spanish, French, and Italian wines by the glass to go with their all tapas menu.

      1. I don't think there is really a first rate "wine bar" in the Twin Cities yet. There are several places that offer nice food, but the wine selections top out at "pretty good." Nobody has really done anything special.

        The LBV lounge is a wonderful place to get a drink (cocktail or wine), and the food is great. The rabitt bolognese is superb. It is not a "wine bar" though. It is an awesome bar attached to an awesome restaurant.

        Rincon 38 is tapas -- super fun and the food is excellent. Wines are nice.

        We also had a good experience with the (mostly) Mexican/Spanish food at Bin Wine Bar in Saint Paul. The wine is pretty good -- not great.

        1. Not 100% sure about the "get a seat on a Friday night" as it would depend on what time you were going (when I was there at 6 a few weeks ago on a Friday a seat would have been easy, but might have been trickier when we left around 7:30), but I think the bar at Meritage would work quite well for good wine + good food.

          I always like the bar at La Belle Vie as well.

          1. One other off the wall suggestion... Sunfish Wine and Spirits Wine Bar. If you aren't keen on the glass selections, you can go next door to the wine store, buy a bottle, and bring it over. A ten dollar corkage fee might apply; I'm not exactly sure.