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Aug 20, 2013 07:26 PM

bobbee o's bbq charlotte, pulled pork too good for a sandwich

ny chowhounder visiting for a couple of days, usually make the drive to lex but a little tired so decided to stay in town. Over the years I've tried the usual suspects, a little buzz in bbq circles about bobbee o's, so headed over at around 7:30 on monday for a brisket and pulled pork plate.

Wow, the pulled pork was very good, best I've had in charlotte. Nice moist chunks with an eastern vinegar sauce, the flavor just pops in your mouth from the first bite to the last. I'm a kcbs bbq judge and this would win top marks at a competition. Unfortunately the brisket wasn't as strong, it was the end of the day and the meat was a tad dry. Still, it had great flavor.

went back today for lunch, ordered the pulled pork sandwich with some nice slaw. The pork was so good, ended up taking the pork off the bun to enjoy it a little more. spoke to the owner, he's cooking shoulder over hickory. I may go back tomorrow to try the ribs.

btw, how is it a yankee has to come down to charlotte to be the first to post about this restaurant (or maybe I'm using the search feature incorrectly)?

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  1. You probably are the first to post a thread about it. But it does get mentioned every time the Charlotte barbecue topic comes up. Very contentious subject, that. Some people are convinced that every ounce of barbecue sold in Charlotte is so objectionable that it must be shouted down at every opportunity. Others are more relaxed and say that Bobbee O's is among the better choices in Charlotte, along with Bill Spoon's and the Olde Hickory House. Personally I'm glad that you as a visitor enjoyed what you found. Might help open up the radar for others.

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      Well, I've been to spoons, hickory, midwood and a couple of others and didn't find anything that would make think twice about the 1.5 hour rt drive to lex. Bobbeeo's would make me think twice.