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Aug 20, 2013 07:07 PM

Tastycake Tasty Eclair Pies

I know, I know this is a foodie board but these are my ultimate guilty pleasures in life. I've been on love with them for 20+ years but now I have a problem. I can barely find them anywhere! Not at Wawa's or 7-11's etc. I do see them at the grocery store but Im only looking for 1 a week and if I have it in my house it stands no shot of making it past the day. Whats going on with this? I even went to Wawa tonight and they were loaded with every kind but these. The hunt is making me want them even more. Help!

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  1. It is my observation that they stop selling them in summer. Maybe the filling does not hold up well in the heat.

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      This is true. They should be back in September/October.