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Aug 20, 2013 04:30 PM

NY Times pickle recipe - looks moldy

I am making the countertop pickle recipe recently published in the NY Times. I haven't opened the jar but it is looking moldy on top. It has one more day to go on the counter. Is this okay??

Here is the recipe:

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  1. Did your cukes not stay submerged?

    1. Okay, oddly enough, I just ate a home made countertop pickle (made by my mom) and while it wasn't this recipe, I also noticed the top of the water looking kind of filmy/scummy/yucky.

      I decided to shrug, rinse off a pickle, and dig in. Was a little mushy but tasty and hasn't killed me yet.

      1. If the cucumbers don't stay totally submerged, they will grow mold and the whole batch will end up spoiled. It's important to put a weight on top to keep them under the surface of the water, unless you have stuffed them in the jar tightly enough that they won't float up.

        This is a different thing than the scum/foam that forms on top of the fermenting liquid. You can just rinse that off and eat the pickles.

        1. I just opened the jar. It looks more like scum than mold and smells pickle-y so I'll give it a shot!

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          1. My NYTimes pickles just look cloudy which the recipe indicated that they would. I did trim the ends per some old-time instructions I had, and began the brine the day the cucumbers were picked.

            The pickles are darn good!