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NY Times pickle recipe - looks moldy

edwinasam Aug 20, 2013 04:30 PM

I am making the countertop pickle recipe recently published in the NY Times. I haven't opened the jar but it is looking moldy on top. It has one more day to go on the counter. Is this okay??

Here is the recipe:

  1. s
    smtucker Aug 21, 2013 04:43 PM

    My NYTimes pickles just look cloudy which the recipe indicated that they would. I did trim the ends per some old-time instructions I had, and began the brine the day the cucumbers were picked.

    The pickles are darn good!

    1. e
      edwinasam Aug 21, 2013 04:02 PM

      I just opened the jar. It looks more like scum than mold and smells pickle-y so I'll give it a shot!

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      1. re: edwinasam
        Violatp Aug 21, 2013 04:26 PM

        Scum is fine. I'm still here!

      2. t
        travelmad478 Aug 21, 2013 01:14 PM

        If the cucumbers don't stay totally submerged, they will grow mold and the whole batch will end up spoiled. It's important to put a weight on top to keep them under the surface of the water, unless you have stuffed them in the jar tightly enough that they won't float up.

        This is a different thing than the scum/foam that forms on top of the fermenting liquid. You can just rinse that off and eat the pickles.

        1. v
          Violatp Aug 20, 2013 04:47 PM

          Okay, oddly enough, I just ate a home made countertop pickle (made by my mom) and while it wasn't this recipe, I also noticed the top of the water looking kind of filmy/scummy/yucky.

          I decided to shrug, rinse off a pickle, and dig in. Was a little mushy but tasty and hasn't killed me yet.

          1. weezieduzzit Aug 20, 2013 04:34 PM

            Did your cukes not stay submerged?

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