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Aug 20, 2013 03:38 PM

Birthday Cake in Kowloon Hong Kong

My girlfriend and I are going to be in Hong Kong for her birthday, and I want to have a cake delivered to the hotel. I was looking around Kowloon to see if there was anything I could set up in advance online- hoping you guys can help!

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  1. If you are at one of the good hotels they will usually do one for you. Many will have cake shops.

    If not then it depends what you are after HK has some pretty OTT cake shops like Ms B's Cakery or their shop in Harbour City in TST - C'est La B.

    They are on-line and deliver.

    1. Saint Honore is one of the better 'non-hotel' cake shop. Very decent quality, nothing 'overly' fancy.

      Lucullus is their arch rival, also very good.

      Slightly higher end would be Cova of Italy

      For really high end, Luxury hotel cake shops offer top notch products. My favorite is Mandarin cake shop.

      Good luck!!

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        Not certain about Charles' first two recommendations - good for an office cake but really chains.

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          Saint Honore might be chain but you should try their Belgian chocolate truffle cake and Mango mousse sponge cake!! Beat a lot of non-chain ones with fancy French names in taste!!!

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            I'd take chains at reasonable prices over overpriced and tasteless stuff from Ms. B/C'est La B

          1. Thanks!!! Lots of good options!

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              A killer place is 126 Grammes. They do mostly Choux but can make some cakes to die for.


            2. Never had the chance to try myself, but baking maniac is highly regarded for top bakery