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Tonight!! - near the Troubador

Last minute suggestions needed. Going to the Troubador for a show tonight and looking for a relatively hassle-free, not very expensive place to eat beforehand. Doesn't have to be particularly chow-worthy, but, if I really didn't care what I was going to eat, I wouldn't have posted this request. Any type of food/ethnicity welcome. Would love to do Dan Tana's tonight, but don't think we'll get there early enough, nor do I anticipate having that much time - and if I were going to DT's, I'd want the time to linger over cocktails and a full meal in the bar/front room.

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      For future reference, I usually go to Flavor of India, virtually next door to the Troubadour (well, next door to Dan Tana's). It's fine. Haven't ever sought to go there unless I was going to the Troubadour, but if I am . . . .

    2. I would sit at the bar at Mercato di Vetro. It will be quick and lively. Alternatively, you could sit outside at Trattoria Amici. Its pretty good Italian and a nice patio. Not a full bar. Not a huge fan, but the Palm is also just down the street.

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      1. re: Thor123

        Mercato di Vetro has my vote.
        Good pick.

        1. re: latindancer

          I have had a couple of good meals there. It reminds me a bit of an Italian Mezze (which I really miss).

      2. Sur?
        Cafe d'Etoile?
        Tortilla Republic?
        Don't even honestly know if these places are any good or open.....

        1. rainbow bar and grill, up the hill on sunset, keeping with the rock n roll. steak sandwich, pizza, fried mozzarella cubes and strong drinks...

          1. Carney's. Mostly because they have their own free parking.

            1. Thanks for the last minute advice last night. After we got a lucky parking space a couple blocks east of the Troubador, we headed west with the intent to follow the suggestions to eat at the bar at Mercato di Vetro. But just before we got there, I said, just for the hell of it, let's peek in Dan Tana's (at which I had not yet eaten, but have had on my "list"). It was pretty packed and bustling (per usual, as I understand), and the host said it may be an hour (which wouldn't work for us), but then he quickly said "wait" and then immediately escorted us to the little two-top just past the entrance to the back room from the front/bar room. Perfect. Without even looking at the menu, I ordered the Chicken Beckermann (dark meat only), as directed by previous posts. The lady friend just had a bowl of stracciatella soup and the spaghetti with meat sauce that came with my dinner. A prosecco for her and a glass of chianti for me, and it was a fun and tasty dinner and we made our show with time to spare (and sat near some B/C-list TV actors and their arm candy).

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                Would you go back for the dark meat Beckerman again, or did this one time scratch it off your list?

                1. re: Servorg

                  I would go back for the ambience and the scene. I totally enjoyed the DMB, and would likely order it on some future visit, but I wouldn't make that dish the reason for the destination. I would try a few other things on the menu, such as the cacciatore, before circling back to the DMB. I do love their bread! And, as for returning there, my "list" is long enough such that (neighborhood places aside) I try to avoid returning to any restaurant until I go at least once to all the ones I've targeted. It's like countries - I really try to avoid going back to a country I've already visited when there are more than a dozen that I still really want to visit, while I try to reach, or at least get close to reaching, 100 (though that hasn't prevented multiple visits to Italy, France, etc.).

                  1. re: Wayno

                    i find this response interesting, as recently on the board dan tana's has undergone a renaissance, if you will, of good opinon.

                    i'm with you, the ambiance and scene are fun (except for the last time i tried to go, when they were so far behind in reservations the host basically went outside to smoke his stress away), but nothing i've ever put in my mouth there, with the exception of the dabney coleman steak, has been remotely "tasty."

                    i guess i'm due for another go 'round, but as i said, i find the recent glowing reviews of the food and drinks surprising.

                    i'm always concerned when the place is recommended to l.a. visitors. it's keen you had a good time. it's possible i'm a moron after all...

                    1. re: linus

                      Steak and peppers is another very good dish.

                      1. re: Thor123

                        A parking space on Sunset well before a show?! You were blessed. Do you have to stop feeding the meters at 6 or 8 or never? Did you use a credit card to buy up the night?

                        Who did you see? How's the Troubadour these days? Or "same as it ever was...?"

                        1. re: nosh

                          I'm at the Troub all the time.

                          It's on Santa Monica, not Sunset, btw. And we always find street parking.

                          My wife almost always orders food inside The Troubadour. If you're just looking for a snack, not a full meal, they have some pretty tasty hommos, sandwiches and hot dogs -- that sort of thing. We always sit at the bar and she eats while I drink. (I don't like to eat at a show -- some sort of quirk of mine. I like to eat afterwards).

                        2. re: Thor123

                          please excuse this probably supremely dumb question, but is the "steak and peppers" literally just steak and peppers?

                          i guess i'm asking how it's prepared, and the quality of the steak as compared to dabney coleman, etc.

                        3. re: linus

                          dabney coleman steak is exceptional, best in the entire city, me thinks.

                          veal parm is good

                          eggplant parm is good.

                          cheesy garlic bread is great.

                          whitefish in white wine sauce is good.

                          shrimp coctkail is ok.

                          french fries are great.

                          calamari is not half bad.

                          drinks are EXCEPTIONAL.

                          cozy, comfy, dumpy and italianate junk food loaded with red sauce in the vein of NYC.

                          What's not to like ???????????

                          oh, almost forgot… their prices are dreadful, pretty darn dreadful.

                          1. re: kevin

                            but if you are going to the troubadour, tana's is where it's at.

                            well, hopefully you won't drink too much, and then seemingly forget about your tickets to the show next door.

                            there's also the palm nearby.

                  2. Any updated intelligence on this question?

                    I looked at the Dan Tana website & $25 for linguine pesto does not remotely fit my definition of "not very expensive". I would be fine w/ paying that for a more substantial entree though.

                    Mercato di Vetro is gone.

                    Trattoria Amici sounds like the main contender so far...

                    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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                    1. re: indigirl

                      it's very expensive.

                      but if you stay away from the pastas and get some of the italian classics it's not bad, and super convenient to the troubadour.

                      but more importantly you are there to drink.

                      and it has the best steak in town. though pricey, what like 65 bucks or so ????????

                      1. re: indigirl

                        you can do gracias madre which is like two blocks away.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Wow, that looks exactly our speed! Thanks so much :)

                          1. re: indigirl

                            Gracias Madre is really nice looking, great patio. Its totally vegan and on the pricy side. Unless you are vegan, Amici is probably a better choice.

                      2. tana's.

                        easy enough.

                        nuff said.

                        1. You can sit on the patio at Amici. Very nice Italian, lovely patio and a new full bar.