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Aug 20, 2013 02:53 PM

Glacier National Park to Yellowstone to Grand Teton to Mount Rushmore road-trip eating recommendations?


We live in NYC but will be road trip-ing through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota and are looking for any and all eating recommendations.

I've found a few posts on select cities, but still have many holes.

We will pass through the following towns:
Kalispell-Whilefish, Missoula, Bozeman, West Yellowstone, Jackson, Teton Village, Cody, Gillette, THe Black Hills and Rapid City...
and the areas in between, so if anyone have suggestions for truly great eats (no budget, dietary or type of cuisine constraints - we eat everything!), they would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We have just completed a road trip in that area! I can tell you the restaurants we liked.

    West Yellowstone: Beartooth BBQ. Not a fancy place, but we really enjoyed it. It's on the main strip downtown.

    Rapid City: Kathmandu Bistro. Indian/Nepalese food. Our favorite restaurant of our driving trip. Closed on Mondays.

    Missoula: Mackenzie River Pizza Company. It was open on a Sunday and just off the highway. It would do in a pinch.

    Good luck to you!

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      Thanks so much - these sounds great!

    2. Did the same trip in reverse last year. You are going to enjoy it.
      West Glacier: Three Forks Grille in Columbia Falls is highly recommended. Favorite place of the trip, the girlfriend wanted to go back a second night. Had a good pizza at Glacier Grill & Pizza in Coram, Mt

      Jackson: Enjoyed Calico Italian Restaurant. Creekside Market for sub sandwiches. Worst meal was at the Merry Piglets Mexican Grill, very dull and boring food, would have better off at Taco Bell.

      1. In order that you listed:

        Missoula: definitely Scotty's Table. It's the only place for dinner as far as I'm concerned. Check past postings. (fyi Mackenzie River is a pizza chain that will disappoint if you're a NYer, trust me.) Take the splurge and go to Scotty's because it will probably be the best meal of your entire trip.)

        Bozeman: I live here but go out maybe 3 - 5x per year, max, as there's not much noteworthy. My only current rec would be Blackbird.

        Jackson: always the Bistro. It's a locals' favorite for good reason.

        Was just in Cody this month, it's still pretty disappointing. Although it's an area (N Rockies & plains) chain, maybe Rib & Chop House.

        Gillette is very sad : ( Don't get your hopes up. Can't think of a single place. The one Mexican place I used to go where they would make me something e-special appears to have closed.

        Rapid City is easy: Corn Exchange.

        Be sure to report back!

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          Thanks so much for the tips!
          I will report back!

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            Which Bistro in Jackson? Rendezvous or Trio American?

          2. If you pass through Cody, stay at the Robin's Nest bed & breakfast.... and check out the Cody Cattle Company for a show. The food isn't incredible but the experience is awesome.

            1. Kalispell or Bigfork: When in Rome Pizza (beautiful food)

              Bigfork: Pocketstone Cafe (amazingly wonderful down-home food with great homemade, fresh ingredients)

              Kalispell or Whitefish: Sweet Peaks ice cream--best I've ever had! I recommend the Salty Caramel!