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Aug 20, 2013 02:11 PM

KFC crispy or extra crispy.

So after 40 plus years of life, I will be going to a KFC for the first time. I see they have crispy and extra crispy chicken pieces. Which is the better of the two taste wise. Not concerned with health or caloric intake. Will no be eating this type of thing on a regular basis. Thank you.

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  1. I prefer Popeye's, but of the two you mention I'd take the original recipe.

    1. I think the original is more flavorful. Too bad, because it's not crispy at all.

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        When I make fried chicken at home, it's both crispy and flavorful. So is Popeyes. But at KFC, the extra crispy just doesn't have the flavor of the original. It's too bad you have to choose, but I go for the flavor.

        Edit: It occurs to me that the answer really depends on the OP. What's more important to you -- flavor or texture?

      2. extra crispy....the only way to go. the mashed potatoes with gravy are damned good, too. The last time I had any of it was probably when I was 15 but it was damned good.

        1. Years ago I used to (very occasionally) scratch an itch and indulge in spicy extra crispy. Alas, that option seems to be gone from around here. Lots of flavor and wonderfully crunchy.

          1. Extra crispy. The original is not that crispy. The taste is the same to me.the texture is not. Plus mashed potatoes with gravy and cole slaw. Biscuit too.