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Aug 20, 2013 01:45 PM

Los Agaves - Santa Barbara

Can anyone recommend or shed some light on Los Agaves restaurant in Santa Barbara? We are staying here for one night on a California road trip and want to make every meal count!! It seems to get good reviews...


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  1. It has its fans. I personally am not one of them, but I still like my Mexican food that is not afraid of lard because that is one thing Los Agaves brags they never use. So Los Agaves appeals to the fresh, healthy and organic crowd and has recently opened a new branch on the other side of town so it is very popular. You will certainly not have a bad meal there at all. I just prefer other choices for Mexican in this town like La Super Rica and Super-Cucas - a little more down home and a little more flavor.

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      I completely concur, glbtrtr.

      In my opinion, once the lard is left out of Mexican food then it no longer tastes like it should...lard is essential.
      La Super Rica and Super-Cucas are definitely 'musts' in Santa Barbara.

    2. Los Agaves is a block away from La Super Rica. Whenever I am in Santa Barbara, my first stop is La Super Rica. However, if the lines are too long (as is often the case), I walk to Los Agaves and have always been happy with my meals there.

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        We've been quite pleased with Los Agaves on several occasions as well.

      2. I love the sea and earth molcajete at Los Agaves-it's so big that my husband and I share it with extra tortillas and their delicious avo-cilantro salsa. The new one on De La Vina seems a bit more peaceful and also has outdoor seating. it's our second favorite Mexican after La Superica and it is a little more of a dining experience than Superica.