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Aug 20, 2013 01:13 PM

Baltimore - 10 hungry guys over a fall weekend

Baltimore is a good meeting point for some old college friends with none of us having spent much time here. So looking for a few suggestions:

Killer breakfast spot

Place to commune with crabs, old bay and beer

High end chowhound-worthy spot - $$ no object - great wine list (and perhaps it has a private room)

Any great ethnic holes-in-the-wall? Open to all possibilities

1 great Baltimore historic gem of a bar

That should get us started - thanks in advance!

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  1. High end Chowhound-worthy spot: The Prime Rib used to be great a few years ago, though I haven't been in a while so it might have changed

    Killer breakfast spot - Jimmy's in Fells Point for diner-style

    Historic gem of a bar - I really enjoy the Owl Bar in the Belvedere Hotel, another favorite is Brewer's Art

    1. I can only respond to the $$worthy spot ( I don't eat breakfast and eat MY STEAMED CRABS AT HOME--with wine, not beer--Yeew).

      Prime Rib and/or Tio Pepe's. Baltimore's "old school" dining establishments--both have great wine lists--and the sangria at Tio's is to die for. Bot restaurants will provide the feel of Baltimore in younger days.

      I am certain that the other Chowhounders will steer you in the right way to breakfast and bars, etc. Welcome to our Fair City. You may actually come away impressed. FoiGras

      1. Killer breakfast spot is hard. Woodberry is that, but you'll need a reservation or be willing to wait for an hour.

        Clementine is delicious but not the scene for a group of college buddies, it's more of a family joint.

        Crabs : Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn. Sure you could eat crabs at home and beat up your dining room table (I've done this) but trust me, Mr. Bill's is what you want. Serious baltimore, serious dive, serious crabs.

        For ethnic hole in the wall Grace Garden in Odenton rocks, but is far away. Perhaps a pho place in Catonsville? There are good suggestions on this board. Pavan is amazing Indian vegetarian, but it's a serious dive. Piedigrotta's in little Italy is old school, not really "ethnic" but it's serious old school Italian. Might be fun.

        Not sure which bar, but it would have to be in Fells Point.

        Not a wine list expert, but I'm guessing the Charleston is not a bad bet.

        Have a great weekend!

        1. Silk Road Bistro in Pikesville is a serious, Uzbeki hole-in-the wall. Follow recs on this bard by doing a search.

          1. Breakfast: Jimmy's in Fells Point for good diner fare. Everyone loves Blue Moon Cafe, but its a crowded nightmare. Saute in Canton has the greatest brunch deal of all time. It's like 15 bucks and is all you can drink mimosa, bloody mary's, screwdrivers, sangria, and Natty Boh's for 4 hours. Shockingly the food is solid.

            Crabs: Go to LP Steamers in Locust Point. Mr. Bills, Costa's and Cantler's are all great, but none are convenient. They are all similar in terms of quality.

            High End: Assuming you want a private room so things can get rowdy. Personally I'd go to Pabu, eat tons of toro and drink gallons of high end sake in their private room. Plus it's right on the water and in the new Four Seasons Hotel. Charleston is Baltimore's best in terms of food and wine, might be a bit too formal, but it rules. Woodberry Kitchen is always considered one of the best, but I've been unimpressed lately. I've had several good, rowdy prix fixe meals at the Wine Market, plus you're close to a ton of bars in Federal Hill.

            The best ethnic hole in the wall downtown is going to be Mekong Delta which is also BYOB.

            Bars: Now we're talking. Federal Hill is mostly recent college grads, Canton is young professionals, and Fells Point is everything in between. I'd definitely go to Fells Point. Notable favorites include: Waterfront Hotel, Horse You Came In On Saloon, Cat's Eye Pub, Leadbetters, The Point in Fells, and the Wharf Rat. All of those bars with the exception of the Wharf Rat will definitely have live music with no cover. They are all old, awesome, crowded dives. I'd bar crawl all of them finishing up at the Horse which gets really rowdy and fun.