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Aug 20, 2013 01:05 PM

[Sushi Nakazawa] Anyone to join me on Sep. 6 (Fri)?

Few days ago on Sushi Nakazawa's website, I saw plenty of seats available, but I didn't reserve any because strangely enough, they wouldn't accept single diners. Only reservations in the increments of two people were accepted. So I sent them an email asking for the reservation for one person, but there was no answer until yesterday.
I noticed the seats were disappearing rather quickly, so I reserved counter seats for two people, 5:15PM Sep. 6 (Friday).

Today, they finally replied to me and said either I have to release the reservation or bring another person. They also said they would begin accepting single diners from Sep. 3, after which I'm afraid I will probably have to wait for long to grab a seat.

So.. Anybody willing to join me at 5:15PM Sep. 6 (Friday)?
If you are interested, please email me at "kosmose7" followed by "@" and then "".
If I don't find anyone, I will have to release the seats and would rather go to Jiro on my way to Korea in a few months. LOL

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  1. Any idea what the price is going to be, yet?

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    1. re: sgordon

      They said omakase is $150 (plus tax and gratuity).

      1. The good news is I went last night and it was empty and no line.
        The bad news, they were not open for business yet. Maybe tonite they will be open although it looked like a few days away.
        It doesn't look like a warm sushi place, with modern bar and white tiled walls. I couldn't see the back room too well though.

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          1. re: kathryn

            Yes, I read they were to open last night. I heard they had a waiting list of 1000 people. I;m not sure how that works.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              It's a 10 seat sushi bar and some tables .
              Curious as to how far out in advance they're booked ?

              1. re: kid cha

                from Grub Street: (8/22/13)
                there are no available bookings at Sushi Nakazawa through the end of next month. The next batch of dinner spots, for meals on September 22 through October 20, will open up at midnight.

        1. I have finally found a dining companion.
          Looking forward to the experience.
          Thanks guys!

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          1. re: kosmose7

            Be sure to tell us what you think. I would have happily gone with you but my work hours don't allow for 5 o'clock dinners.
            I think asking for a dinner partner from the board is a really nice idea. I would love to be involved in some 'Hound meals.

            1. re: strangemd

              Oh, I will!
              Very much looking forward to it!

            2. re: kosmose7

              dammmmm,,,, i didn't see your post ( well I didn't read it thoroughly) Kosmose. I would have gone. Sorry. Enjoy

            3. I went last night for the opening. At work, so I don't have time to write up a detailed review, but a few key items to mention -

              Definitely a new top contender for great sushi, despite a few missteps. Sardine (from Oregon) was definitely the overall favorite from the meal (and one of my favorites ever) with pieces like King Salmon, Scallop, Sweet Shrimp, and various pieces of toro also top notch. Actually, I had one of, if not, the best toro hand roll I've ever had.

              A lot of the shellfish was cracked open right at that counter - full fish broken down and sliced right in front of you, which I think added something to the overall experience. You were able to choose your sea urchin (somewhat gimmicky) but an ode to the quality and freshness of the ingredients (though for some reason, we much preferred the uni from 15 EAST and found the iron/metallic flavor and texture of the version here slightly offputting)

              All in all though, it was a great meal, and if a few of the rough edges can be worked out, this could be a contender for one of the top spots in the city.

              Sparkling Wines, Wines, and Sake - as well as flights of the three - are available - we did a sake pairing and although we enjoyed it, the pacing was strange as we had three glasses for the first three pieces and then noticeable gaps in between.

              We ordered a few additional pieces but were cut off at three as it appeared, since they were breaking most of the fish down to order, that they cut us off. Oh well

              Get there before it becomes totally nuts.

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              1. re: gwh912

                Thanks for the detailed review.
                Looking forward to it!

                1. re: gwh912

                  I'll be going next week. I did find out the sushi chef worked in Seattle for a co-worker of Jiro. Perhaps that's why his sardine was from Oregon. I look forward to trying the place.
                  As far as uni goes, I had fantastic Aka Uni at Sushi Azabu yesterday. It was served alongside Hokkaido uni and Santa Barbara.