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Aug 20, 2013 12:26 PM

New ECI French Oven in Costco 6.5 qt Round?

In Costco this past weekend they had 6.5 qt round enameled cast iron french ovens, marked Made in France. It looks just like the 8 qt ovals they had last year. I passed those up as too large and didn't want oval, but this one looks as though it may be just right! These are available in medium blue AND red. Thought it may be new merchandise for fall but the stack was not very large. Have the round been out for awhile and anyone have feedback on quality?

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  1. It's new. I eyeballed the ovals last year and I look every week when I visit Costco. They look good. I prefer round to oval for stovetop. The blue is beautiful.

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      I picked up a red one and have used it twice already. Made a big batch of white bean chicken chili to freeze and a pot roast last weekend. The only larger enameled cast iron I had was oval, the available browning space was too small, so didn't use it much. This pot allows a good sized browning area, speeding up the meal prep. I like it.

      1. I saw those this morning but wondered about the black [rather than white] interior. Would this matter? I've been shopping for a reasonably priced enameled dutch oven - my last one was a cheap (Rachel Ray brand) model where the interior didn't last a year. I had decided to get a Lodge but then I saw this one at Costco.

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          I don't think the dark interior matters. It can be a little harder to see browning, but if you have a light over your stove, it's not a huge problem. It seems to brown as well and perform as well as a light interior. They apparently sold this 6.5 round in 2011, there are some reviews here, (all good):

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            Thanks Cam14! I found a lot of the reviews you mentioned and plan to pick this one up this weekend.

        2. Just wondering how these are working out for you guys. CostCo's discontinued them online, but I bought one at a store a few days ago, and ended up taking it back because when I got it home and felt around the interior, there seemed to be lots of bumps and rough places in the interior enamel and I thought that would lead to chipping pretty soon. Has anyone else noticed this or had this problem with the CostCo Dutch ovens? I wonder if manufacturing inconsistencies are what made CostCo discontinue.

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            It almost seems the dutch oven is a product they bring in for fall/Christmas season. Last year they had one just like this in an 8 qt oval, the year before it was this 6.5 round. You can see a link to reviews upthread. They have it online right now, but last time I was in the store they just had two left on the shelf.
            I've used mine quite a bit, on stovetop for large batches of chili and stew, oven use for brisket, roasts, pork shoulder, dutch oven chicken etc. Very happy with it, cleans up well. No problems. I found online it was manufactured by the company that makes Staub for Costco, when I researched the NSF number that was on the box.