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Aug 20, 2013 12:10 PM

Great food in San Mateo open until 9:30 or later on weeknights?

What does SM have that's better or different than I can get in Oakland and open until at least 9:30, preferably 10:00? Some previously recommended places:

Sushi Sam's
Little Sheep
Street Food
Little Shanghai

close too early:

Everyday Beijing
Ramen Dojo
Santa Ramen
Ramen Parlor

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  1. What about 231 Ellsworth? It's been downtown SM's major fine-dining destination restaurant since current ownership ca. 2001, collected some veteran personnel from other high-end restaurants, and is more approachable than many of them. Had excellent large and small dinners there.

    I signed up on their email list, and have been getting periodic notices of tempting bar-dining and odd-hours deals, available to everyone, far more often than I've had opportunity to be in SM to make use of them

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      Thanks for the tip. A lot of their specials end at 9:00, but it seems worth joining their email list.

    2. Both Joy Restaurant and Cooking Papa in Foster City, adjacent to San Mateo, are open until 9:30pm.

      I'm not current on them, but there's a vibrant izakaya scene and surely some are open late enough for your needs. Ginji, Kokko, etc. may not be "better" than Ippuku but will introduce more variety. Japanese is a safe bet for great food in San Mateo.

      1. Lots of these places aren't open every weeknight, so make sure to call and check their hours.

        Izakaya Mai (some ramen options, open till midnight)
        Curry Up Now (til 10pm)

        1. How about The Attic? Great food and cocktails, open until 10.

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