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Aug 20, 2013 11:52 AM

'Spicy Pot 望江楼' Brooklyn newspaper reports: Original (正宗) Flavor Sichuan Hot Pot, said to "satisfies the hot pot gourmet enthusiast's requirements"

In yesterdays NYC Chinese language newspaper The World Journal (世界日报 ) was an article featuring a restaurant in Brooklyn called Spicy Pot. The Chinese title of this establishment is 望江楼 'wangjianglou' .

I have passed by this restaurant several times, but for long now I go to a Taiwanese owned hot pot place on Eldridge for sauna sessions at the dinner table (hot spice to make one sweat).

Thus said, I had been a bit curious about this place, and to my surprise it was featured in yesterday's 世界日报 (World Journal).

The newspaper title states "呈現成都鮮的好滋味" Presenting Chengdu's rare good flavor.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, where Ma La Hot Pot (麻辣火鍋) originates from. This is hot spice unlike Hunan hot, as they use, in addition to a specific red pepper, pepper corn in the dishes and sauces and hot pots, providing the mouth a numbing and spicy hot sensation.

The World Journal states "碌崙的Fort Hamilton Pkwy和59街另闢一處火鍋館來滿足火鍋饕客的需求....歡迎僑胞前往品嘗" That is to say that in Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton around 59th street, this hot pot restaurant satisfies the "hot pot gourmet enthusiast's requirements"

四川火鍋文化,將正宗美味的菜餚呈現於大眾,新張期間吃到 They promote (present) the Sichuan hot pot tradition, and have original or authentic food for the Chinese living abroad. (that is from an earlier article from the same paper: 布碌崙望江樓火鍋館正式開幕紐約訊September 20, 2011)

For items or 材料 (cailiao), to add (加 jia) to the hot pot, dishes of meat and vegetables, you can find the usual and more. Since their promotions are aimed at Chinese, there will be more of what one finds in China, as opposed to simple meat of chicken, cow and pig.

好吃的火鍋講究材料的新鮮和質地: One must pay attention to the ingredients (or food items) freshness and the texture, in regards to making good tasting hot pot. That my friends is why one should diversify the meat of animal and fish, with things such as duck blood or pig blood, and the organ meats. The flavors get absorbed in such items, and the textures are more delicate, and tasty. (Of course, my opinion, as well as the opinion of many others who reside across the Atlantic and Pacific from North America.)

Yesterday's article is what seems to be the third article the World Journal has featured regarding this venue. You can read earlier articles about this restaurant on line. Just search "布碌崙望江樓火鍋館正式開幕"

Of course reports are better from Chowhound forum members, than articles from the newspaper. I would encourage any enthusiast of Sichuan Hot Pot to check this place out.

two locations in Brooklyn:

5901 Fort Hamilton Parkway between 60th and 59th Streets.

6920 18th Ave, between Bay Ridge Ave and 70th

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    1. (they have hot pot)

      There is no other to go to, in my visitation list of Sichuan places, to present!

      This is the only place I will return to, that uses the same Sichuan, in its subtitle or their name itself.

      The chef and owner come from Sichuan!

      By the way, the name 望江楼 (wang jiang lou) comes from the Wang River or 望江 (wang jiang). and a temple or pavilion that is located on it banks in the city of Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan.

      是在中国四川首都的地方: Wangjiang Building 30 Wangjiang Rd, Wuhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

      I had pig intestine boiling pot stew, that was splendidly hot and spicy made, and the way it is in Sichuan.

      I found coriander seed shells stuck in my mouth, after ingesting the more than delicious contents that along with pig intestine (yum yum) included pig blood cake, vegetation of varying kinds, etc.

      I also had a small order of Sichuan hot oil dumplings.

      The beer is kindly suggested to be bought next door, as they apologize for not serving it.

      When visiting this liquor-less establishment, that means Polish and Eastern Europeans right next door, due to the area's population mix.

      I found my favored Ukraine Obolon, and one of the Polish beers that frequent from time to time the interior of my physical form.

      It is conveniently located across from the Caffe Italia.

      I had read an article in the Chinese Newspaper 世界日报 in August (see this post), and even walked by their other location in Brooklyn, on Fort Hamilton Parkway.

      Testimony, to their authenticity coming from the the kitchen, the dining room was filled with all Chinese emigrants or Chinese nationals, except for a local Italian American woman and her friend, as well as one table with a Polish-Italian American and his Eastern European beer.

      1. This is a photo of 'Dan Dan Nanpkin', meaning all food was eaten to the highest of pleasurable delight.

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        1. re: jonkyo

          So the name of this restaurant is Bamboo Village?

          1. re: MVNYC

            Read the menu it states Pavilion or 楼

            楼 lou is just a name for multiple floor building or structure.

            They have one location on Fort Hamilton, too.

            Very enjoyed destination for the Chinese in NYC, hence the write up in the paper..

            1. re: jonkyo

              I think this is the same place as Spicy Bampa (their signage is very confusing) that has had its ups and downs but has been much reported on this Board. Patronage I would have to characterize as a more prosperous group than the Sunset Park chinatown, staff is friendly and helpful,.

              We've enjoyed a number of fish, seafood,pork and veg dishes there over the years (try the pumpkin and potato) - They were unique in offering several very good complimentary "banchan" at the beginning of the meal including a very good chicken, not any more..
              2-3 years ago they changed format to mainly a hotpot place, still offering the other dishes however. Im pretty sure the chef changed (may have changed more than once) We still go there for their non-hotpot dishes, from time to time.

              Thanks for reminding me to revisit.

              1. re: jen kalb

                You are correct in stating that the name of Spicy Bampa is indicated on the very front of the awning, thus for people on the street, will not necessarily see this, unless one is on the opposite side of the street.

                One Chinese name and one or two English names.

                I had an excellent complimentary sizable (not small but medium) of thick soup, hot and sour, but quite beyond the typical Hot and Sour one might get in take out places.

                I had known about them, of course seeing them over summer, and reading the paper.

            2. re: MVNYC

              This is a photo of the 望江楼 (Wang Jiang Lou) on the banks of the Wang River (望江 wang jiang)

              It is in the capital of Sichuan.

              What a nice name for a restaurant serving food from Sichaun, in Brooklyn.

            3. re: jonkyo

              off topic but Ive been dying to ask -- do you write in chinese and then use a translation program to create your english text? Its hard to believe a native english speaker would write this way

              1. re: jen kalb

                I type in Chinese, as I am thinking in Chinese, verbal thought that is.

                I once had a dream that was all in Chinese.

                I make corrections after my composition, sometimes after reading it.