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Best place to buy higher quality boxed wines?

I have a big party coming up this weekend and want to pick up a couple boxes of wine. Looking for something above black box, bota box, franzia, carlo rossi, etc. In the past I've enjoyed "From the Tank" from Jenny & Francois, and a red Bordeaux that came in a wooden box.

Does anyone know any liquor/wine stores in the area that have a particularly good selection of boxed wine or large format wine? Thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods River St. has a bunch. Not sure what they have beyond Bota Box (which we buy), but I know there are a lot of them.

    1. I seem to recall boxes of Jean David Cotes du Rhone at the Wine and Cheese Cask not long ago. I like that wine, but have never bought a box of it.

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        They do strike me as the type of place that would pick quality boxed wines.

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          Formaggio in Cambridge , has the CDR box. I saw it there 2weeks ago.
          A really fantastic wine& buy.
          I like this topic

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            Right, that's where i saw it, not at the Cask. Thanks!

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              The wine and Cheese Cask usually has it, as does Federal Wines in downtown Boston. The wine is very good. Also, Big House Red comes in a box, and it is very drinkable.

        2. Bee's Knees supply, in Fort Point, has some they are enthusiastic about.

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            I've been looking for an excuse to check this place out.

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              lemme double your motivation: chocolate tempering machine larger than a ten-gallon aquarium.

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              Thanks for this suggestion; I rarely go to Flour so didn't even realize it was right next door.

              I picked up a 1 liter tetrapak of wine for camping: Fuori Off Road Strada, an Italian white by Monte Bernardi. They have boxed wine, but this was the only tetra they have; they said it's very good. I look forward to trying it.

              Also picked up some Berkshire prosciutto and duck prosciutto. It's a gorgeous space with lots of yummy things, I love it there.

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                They are so very hip (slate serving pieces for sale "from Brooklyn"), but then they have these amazing ingredients, wonderful finds, and an alarmingly low percentage of stupid items (by which I mean that Williams-Sonoma has some very nice stuff mixed in with $18 semi-homemade crap and specialized whisks that makes me see red, and Bees Knees does not).

            3. I like the French Sauvignon Blanc "La Petite Frog" 3L from Marty's in Newtonville. The rest of their boxed wines are pretty common though.

              1. Always on the lookout for these:

                Bodegas Adria Val Montium Mencia
                From the Tank Red
                Wineberry Chateau Moulin de la Roquille and Domaine Le Garrigon
                Cuvée de Peña Vin de Pays
                CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon



                1. Great question!

                  I realize that it is currently considered somewhat deviant to drink a couple of glasses of wine everyday. But I do. Sometimes even three. Rarely more. For me it is a nice little ritual part of the day. I love that point at the end of the day when all my "outdoor stuff" is done and I can just pour myself a glass and chill out. I was at a friend's house when I was served a glass of Bota merlot. I loved it to the point that I just had to know what it was! It has been my little secret house wine ever since.

                  It is a very good everyday wine. I like it! And if it saves me money and time and mileage, I am thrilled to have it.

                  That being said, I am not sure I would do the box wine thing at a party. I would suggest just wines in bottles.

                  Every year I throw a holiday bash. For about 20 years now. It's informal, but it gets bigger every year. In the early years, I obsessed about the booze. And I always got it wrong.

                  I put out a full bar and year after year, by far the most popular beverages are basic red wine (in bottles) and Sam Adams. I even had a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband and around fifty male friends. And most of them drank red wine. Like one or two glasses.

                  But those higher end box wines will end up running you as much, if not more, than the many good bargains that are available out there by the bottle. I would go with the bottles. And leave some corkscrews near them.

                  Have a great party!