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Recipes that use up honey?? Recommended recipes, please....

My husband and I just sold our house and moved into a one room garden cottage that is about 225 square feet (not including bathroom since that is in the main house). We do have a storage space for our extra furniture and stuff but all of our ingredients are in here with us. I have a lot of honey and while I know it doesn't go bad, I would like to use some up to get some more space (we have a toaster oven arriving in the mail soon!) and make some tasty dishes.

We don't eat red meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.) but do eat everything else. We live in the Pacific NW in case that helps with seasonal ingredient recs.


I am thinking of making this honey cake:

and this roast chicken also looks good:

as do these cookies:

and this jam:

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  1. The honey cake recipe is great, but very sweet. I plan to cut back on the amount of granulated sugar the next time that I make it.

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      Did you make it with the original amt of leavening or the smaller amt?

      1. re: meerastvargo

        I used the amount called for in the recipe.

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          I just made the honey cake recipe again and this time reduced the amount of white sugar by half -- much better. Just the right amount of sweetness

    2. Any of the greek pastries...Baklava, Loukoumades, most use honey.

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        The Loukoumades look similar to gulab jamun. Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. I go through a lot of honey making an energy bar...

        8 oz 1 cup almond butter
        6 oz 1/2 cup honey (usually something from small producer)
        1 tsp vanilla extract
        9 oz 3 cups old fashioned oats
        3 oz 1/3 cup dried cranberries
        3 oz 1/3 cup chocolate chips

        Combine all ingredients together; mix well. Dump onto cutting board covered with wax paper, and form into a large square, about a ½ inch thick. Cut into 1 or 1 ½ inch squares. Place squares on another piece of wax paper, refrigerate.

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          What is the texture of the bars? How long do you keep them out of the refrigerator? They sound tasty and I have all these ingredients on hand.

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            The bars are soft and chewy. After cutting, I kind of grab them in my hand and mush them into a roll shape to keep them good and together. I keep them in the refrigerator because they get a bit sticky at room temp (but still good to eat). They keep for a long time (over a week, have never had them last over two weeks).

        2. Indonesian Ginger Chicken uses a cup of honey and it's very good.


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            I second this. A tasty, easy dish!

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              I am actually just about to prepare it to serve for dinner tomorrow night when my in-laws will be here. With rice and roasted carrots, I love this dinner!

          2. My Mom always used to make this at Christmas and Easter. She called it tzimmes, as that's what the recipe called it, although other tzimmes recipes I've seen include more ingredients. So call it honey-glazed carrots. :-)

            8 large carrots, sliced lengthwise
            1/2 cup honey
            4 Tbsp brown sugar
            4 Tbsp vegetable oil
            1 tsp lemon rind
            1/2 tsp ground ginger (I always add more)
            1/2 tsp salt

            Peel and cut carrots into 3" pieces. Partially cook carrots in boiling, salted water for about 5 minutes. Drain. Add honey, brown sugar, salt, and oil.

            Cook over low heat, uncovered. Stir occasionally, until carrots are tender and well glazed, approximately 10-15 minutes, adding lemon rind and ginger halfway through final cooking.

            1. I make a compote that uses both fresh and dried fruit, plus honey, apple cider, and (optional) tokay or another sauterne, for a little tannin to balance the sweetness of the other ingredients. A splash of balsamic vinegar might be a good substitute. I make it in the microwave. Put dried apricots and prunes into the dish, then peeled,cored, sliced bosc pear and a firm variety of apple. Drizzle some honey and add enough cider to come halfway up, plus a quarter that amount of the tokay. Cover and nuke on half-power until apples and pears are tender. Then stir in some golden raisins once the compote has cooled for a while. They swell too much if cooked.

              1. Not food, but I'm in love with this: http://www.diynatural.com/homemade-bo...

                I use raw, but not unfiltered.

                1. I use honey in bread, especially white.
                  It is great on a cheese dessert tart with something like quark, maybe with a little pepper.
                  To bring back memories of school I make a horrifying mess of chopped bell peppers, celery, apples,carrots, a handful,of sprouts, some tomato sauce, grated cheese, nuts, and honey. Bake it. It is ugly but likeable.
                  Put it in a vegetable tagine or stir fry.

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                    Doesn't challah need a lot of honey?

                    I like it drizzled on feta with cracked pepper.

                  2. stir it into tea (hot or cold)

                    make your own granola (http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/a...)

                    1. Rum, honey, and anise are the principal ingredients of the uniquely Yucatan liquor called Xtabantun. I have drank it but never made it, it might be fun to try.

                        1. soak bacon in honey and bake....

                            1. Very easy to find on google are recipes for honey noodle kugel. Very comforting and uses ingredients you probably have on hand. My mom would make a version when I caught the sniffles when I was young.

                              Also, though we don't have sweets in our household, I found this great website from the (decidedly pro-honey) National Honey Board. The site has already been cited ;-)
                              for a single recipe on this thread, but this is the whole thing:

                              TONS of recipes.

                              1. I would make up a batch of bbq sauce with it, and/or do some chinese themed recipes to use it up.

                                It's also great just over Cheerios with some chopped walnuts - make your own "honey nut cheerios".

                                1. allrecipes.com has a recipe for ancho honey mustard sauce that is easy and good. it can be used as either a dipping sauce or a salad dressing.

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                                    Sounds great, will try that for sure!

                                  2. Gastriques, mostardas, agrodolces.

                                    1. What do you mean by "a lot of honey"? A couple of quarts, a gallon, 55 gallon drum?

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                                        I had about a gallon when I first posted. Have used some and now have about 3 quarts.

                                      2. You could make some mead.

                                        1. Honey is the only additional sweetner that I use for fruit pies. In addition to fresh fruit, I also include dehydrated fruit in the pies to absorb the extra moisture.
                                          Note: If the fruit is frozen, the honey must be very warm or it will not stir in well.