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Aug 20, 2013 09:58 AM

Palm Beach County openings 2014

Plans in the making for 2014 are already here. I just read that the new Palm Beach Outlet mall will bring in a Red Robin ( a good full service burger restaurant) and a BJs Brewhouse. I've had the chance to eat at both of these in California and Red Robin is good while BJs is just above average in food quality. BJs has an extremely large menu offering and their Pizookie, a warm baked cookie in a pan topped with ice cream, is hard to pass up.

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  1. I've seen plenty of Red Robin commercials but have never been. In fact, don't think I've ever even seen one. Will have to check it out.

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    1. re: coffeyucf

      Don't waste your time. I've been to a Red Robin and their hamburgers are roughly the same as a Denny's. Plenty of great burger joints in SoFla already....

    2. Zinburger will be opening in Boca Town Center mall later in spring. It has gourmet burgers paired with wines.

      1. Bocce Wine Bar & Tapas is opening up this Friday in West Palm Beach.

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        1. Purely second hand information from a friend, but supposedly the former Mondo's space in NPB will open as an outpost of Hogsnapper's (Tequesta)... Have not seen anything official...

          BTW, Red Robin -- really? Haven't been to one in 10 years, but it was a mediocre burger and fries. Given other options (Grease, Relish, Chuck, Burger Bar) in the relatively nearby area, could only see going there in hunger desperation at the mall...

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          1. re: jon777

            I've only been once to RR in Cali and thought it was good but def not on the level of grease or relish. I think 5 guys is mediocre but RR has lots of options in comparison. Ok, 'good' may have been a stretch. BJs Brewhouse is definitely mediocre

            1. re: freakerdude

              BJ's poke appetizer is really good, but the rest of the menu pretty much blows.

          2. I saw a building permit in the window for Aladdin's Eatery. One block south of Glades on St Andrews in the strip mall with the Greenwise store.

            This is the franchise, the menu looks good, and the area needs a good low cost Lebanese/American option.

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            1. re: mbpg

              I've eaten two times at Aladdin- once 6 months ago where I took out a second time shortly thereafter, and again tonight for the third time. I will not return. The hummus was devoid of flavor, the falafel and side pita were cold, the lentil soup was salty, the garlic "dressing" was gelatinous and the beef shawarma was literally rancid. I pointed out that the "droppings" of meat tasted as if the meat were frozen prior to cooking, but even so, the texture and the greasiness was simply unacceptable.

              At the table near to us ( there were not many people there at 7pm), the gentleman returned his salad and showed his waiter that his lamb was so hard by literally trying to take his fork out of the meat to no avail. The waiter had nothing to say (poor guy) but yeah, it's been cooked way too long and it's like a rock. (no joke. that's what was said)

              The restaurant is clean and the help was young and nice. The owners were MIA (maybe that is the problem)? I felt bad for my waiter and the rest of the front of the house staff.

              What a shame. I really wanted this place to last.