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Palm Beach County openings 2014

Plans in the making for 2014 are already here. I just read that the new Palm Beach Outlet mall will bring in a Red Robin ( a good full service burger restaurant) and a BJs Brewhouse. I've had the chance to eat at both of these in California and Red Robin is good while BJs is just above average in food quality. BJs has an extremely large menu offering and their Pizookie, a warm baked cookie in a pan topped with ice cream, is hard to pass up.

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  1. I've seen plenty of Red Robin commercials but have never been. In fact, don't think I've ever even seen one. Will have to check it out.

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      Don't waste your time. I've been to a Red Robin and their hamburgers are roughly the same as a Denny's. Plenty of great burger joints in SoFla already....

    2. Zinburger will be opening in Boca Town Center mall later in spring. It has gourmet burgers paired with wines.


      1. Bocce Wine Bar & Tapas is opening up this Friday in West Palm Beach. http://bocamag.com/blog/2014/03/03/bo...

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        1. Purely second hand information from a friend, but supposedly the former Mondo's space in NPB will open as an outpost of Hogsnapper's (Tequesta)... Have not seen anything official...

          BTW, Red Robin -- really? Haven't been to one in 10 years, but it was a mediocre burger and fries. Given other options (Grease, Relish, Chuck, Burger Bar) in the relatively nearby area, could only see going there in hunger desperation at the mall...

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            I've only been once to RR in Cali and thought it was good but def not on the level of grease or relish. I think 5 guys is mediocre but RR has lots of options in comparison. Ok, 'good' may have been a stretch. BJs Brewhouse is definitely mediocre

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              BJ's poke appetizer is really good, but the rest of the menu pretty much blows.

          2. I saw a building permit in the window for Aladdin's Eatery. One block south of Glades on St Andrews in the strip mall with the Greenwise store.

            This is the franchise http://www.aladdinseatery.com/menu/, the menu looks good, and the area needs a good low cost Lebanese/American option.

            1. Rocco's Tacos plans on opening in Delray on Atlantic around winter time of this year.

              1. Carmines Crab Shack was scheduled (I haven't been by to confirm) on PGA where CB Burgers was. Menu here:


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                  I think it has opened from the cars in the parking lot last Sunday. I drove by there 4 few weeks ago and they already had the sign up.

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                    Carmine's Crab Shack is open and has been for some time now. It is very noisy inside and they severely need some noise dampening. This is a NE seafood style resto and there are a few large communal tables mixed in with the private tables. Crab stuffed shrimp were good and the shrimp scallop scampi was really good. There's a lot of fried seafood on the menu that I don't care for but the cornbread is excellent. It wasn't a big hit for me to warrant a return visit.

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                      Thanks for the report freakerdude. Was mainly interested it for the Maryland style (blue crabs steamed w/ Old Bay) crabs. Should be coming up on peak season (not sure if they actually get them from maryland (Texas and Louisiana are the other big sources -- even for Maryland restaurants in the offseason). Would love a good Maryland crab dinner

                  2. Jon777 was spot on. Hog Snappers (Tequesta) will be opening a new location in North Palm Beach on US-1 in the old Mondo's location. it is supposed to be open this month. The planned Stuart location was getting built out early this year. Opening 2 new locations near the same time should be a challenge.

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                      Checked out Hog Snappers new NPB digs. There's a lot of room for improvement here. The AC situation needs to be fixed as it was way too warm for indoor dining. We couldn't wait to get out of there. My snapper with krab (imitation) was an itty bitty snapper fillet that was overcooked topped with a lot of krab sitting on a huge amount of mashed potatoes with 4 asparagus spears. I felt ripped off. Their version of gumbo is different but good. The menu is all over the place aside from seafood. Tostones nachos app, a slab of bacon appetizer (?), churrasco, seafood, steak, and ribs (an odd standout). Why would they top snapper with krab then top a cheap tilapia filet with real lump crabmeat? Is it a costing decision? I doubt we will be going back, as it was underwhelming.

                    2. on a much higher quality note, Meat Market is scheduled to open up a location in Palm Beach by this summer.


                      1. The Cooper (farm-to-table, locally sourced) will be having its grand opening on May 17. It's going in the old Spoto's Water Bar location in PGA Commons in Palm Beach Gardens. Looks like the owner has been quite successful with a string of restaurants in Connecticut. Looking forward to it!

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                          Looking forward to this one. Menu sounds good and outside of Coolinary, there's a definite lack of good Farm to Table in Northern PB County. Fairly big (and somewhat cursed) space -- hopefully they have an experienced team as I find farm to table is generally better in a smaller environment. That said, on the positive side, looks like they will take reservations (open table), and Rocco's and Spoto's are always busy, so they can get traction if the food is good.

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                            I moved down to Miami from CT just over a year ago. The Max Restaurant Group is pretty solid. Nothing spectacular, but this should be a good addition to the local dining scene.

                          2. The Filling Station gastropub will replace 101 Cantina (formerly known as The Mexican) in Boca

                            1. On my way back from Sunfest drove by the Outlet mall and saw BJs. Looks nearly ready to open (their web site says hours coming soon).

                              Went there in Daytona, thought it was better than average for what it is. Very good beer selection and decent (albeit basic) food. Not a place I would make a trip to, but if I was at the mall a decent option for a bite and a beer. Not sure that there is anything else worthwhile nearby...

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                                I've eaten at BJ's in San Jose and San Fran about 8 times. It is definitely average but they have a really good San Fran burger on sourdough toast. Ribs and fish are all average. Chili made with the beer is good.

                              2. Freaker have you tried the Bahn Mi's at Banh Cuon Tan Dinh on Military yet?

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                                    I am told there good but have not made it there yet.

                                1. One of the local rags today wrote that there will be a Five Guys and a Tijuana Flats opening on the Linton/US 1 corner where there is construction.

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                                    Not exactly... Those stores are going in at the new site on the north side of Linton near PetSmart etc... The ex-vacant lot where they sell Christmas Trees, Pumpkins etc. Also a Buffalo Wild Wings and Stabucks and maybe others at that location.

                                    Also in the same area - but not that plaza - a Chik-Fil-A coming soon.

                                    I have not heard of any food-related tenants at the Linton/US1 spot yet other than TJ's.

                                  2. MEAT Eatery and Taproom (of Islamorada) has opened in Boca just north of Mizner Park on US-1. Burgers, BBQ, sausages and duck fat fries appear to be the main items.


                                    980 N. Federal Highway Suite 115
                                    Boca Raton, Fl

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                                      Just read this a.m. that Blaze Pizza will be opening on Federal Highway in the Fall. Lebron James is backing it. Looks like the address is where Bruger's Bagels was located.

                                      2146 N. Federal Highway
                                      Boca Raton, FL

                                    2. Mrs. Smokey's BBQ will be opening their 2nd location in south Jupiter at Donald Ross and Military Trail where Red Mango was in the Publix plaza. Opening date is not planned yet as they are waiting on the building permit.

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                                        Saw a sign on Federal Highway (near the Trader Joe's) in Boca Raton that said "Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Coming Soon".

                                      2. Sapphire Indian Cuisine
                                        500 Via De Palma, Suite #79
                                        Boca Raton, FL


                                        Basilic Vietnamese Grill
                                        200 S. Federal Highway
                                        Boca Raton, FL

                                        as seen in today's Sun Sentinel

                                        1. Old Calypso on Intracoastal in Delray finally transitioning to something new...

                                          About time someone did something with this good site that's been underutilized forever...

                                          "Hudson at Waterway East, a new restaurant and upscale tavern owned by Sam Bonasso, will open mid October at 900 East Atlantic Avenue #22, in Delray Beach — the site of Old Calypso. The style and concept of Hudson will be classy casual contemporary American with a menu that features seafood, steak, and pasta. A bar will serve craft beer, craft spirits and offer a wine list. Bonasso formerly was the proprietor of Outback Steakhouse, in Mason Ohio."


                                          1. BJs in other Florida locations offer their own interesting craft brews. The food is good, as long as you aren't expecting 5 star gourmet, and the menu, while large, is geared toward the typical gastro-pub selections. There are good craft breweries in the area, like Funky Buddha and Wynwood for drinking but not sure if they have decent food. There was a food truck outside FB last year when I sampled the breweries wares. It would be nice to see a brewery/gastro-pub that offered their own selections geared to go with their menus, ala, all the beer pairing rec you see on other sites and on BrewDogs.

                                            1. Smoke BBQ on the Ave in Delray, at previous site of Union and CandyFish Sushi.

                                              I mentioned to the owner... they should hang out at Blue Willy's for a while.

                                              And when their Q is on par... let me know.

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                                              1. re: LargeLife

                                                I want to know who this Smoke BBQ pitmaster will be.

                                                From the bottom of that ad:

                                                "Home of two-time American Royal World Series of BBQ Grand Champion".

                                                Now that does sound interesting.

                                                1. re: CFByrne

                                                  Sounds very interesting indeed.....

                                                  Then again...Myron Mixon's name is on Pride & Joy here in Miami....and well...they're not serving the kind of BBQ that made Myron famous....I know...I've eaten Myron's BBQ at a few different contests....

                                                  But let's hope!

                                                  Ft. Pierce, FL

                                                  1. re: LargeLife

                                                    Pit boss is supposedly a guy named Bryan Tyrell.

                                                    From what I can tell, in the past he has been associated with (although not clear exactly how)...

                                                    The Kansas City "Slaughterhouse Five" BBQ team...

                                                    Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que in Kansas City...

                                                    And a BBQ place in London(!) called Bodean's.

                                                    I guess best thing is I'll just drop on in and meet him myself ASAP.

                                                    1. re: CFByrne

                                                      You had me at Oklahoma Joe's... definitely going to stop by here next time I'm in Delray. Thanks!

                                                      1. re: revwib

                                                        I'm hopeful this place pans out well! South Florida needs a reliable BBQ destination! Certainly one that knows not only how to properly smoke meat in a restaurant setting (like Southern Swine in Coral Gables) but also knows how to treat BBQ enthusiasts like myself.

                                                        I've often told people that serving BBQ in a restaurant setting is perhaps one of the toughest challenges in the retail food business. Most cuisines are cooked up quickly on a stove top, plated and served. Proper BBQ has to be cooked at a lower and slower pace and ready to serve in windows -- 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 pm for lunch and then 5:30 to 8:30 for dinner (+/-) and it's not easy.

                                                        Preparing and serving BBQ can be a tough situation to manage when some meats need to be smoked 10 to 12 hours (or more) when people generally work in 8-hour shifts.

                                                        Another issue is working with local municipalities who don't want their business districts and neighborhoods smoked up by a BBQ restaurant. Some places actually smoke their meats off sight and then bring them to the restaurant to finish the process and serve! DERM and OSHA are making it tough on BBQ business as well!

                                                        BBQ ain't easy!

                                                        Ft. Pierce, FL

                                              2. Zaxby's first Florida franchise is opening in WPB on Okeechobee in October. I like this place as a quick standby but it is fast food chicken and made to order.

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                                                1. re: freakerdude

                                                  I saw that place a lot when I was visiting Savannah.

                                                  I will give it one try.

                                                  However, I can't imagine being on Okeechobee and looking for fried chicken and going anywhere except Bay Bays.

                                                  I love Bay Bays.

                                                  1. re: CFByrne

                                                    Oh no dont pass up Bay Bays for it. Zaxby's is only an alternative to KFC when nothing else is around. PDQ is on Okee but I have no desire to ever try it

                                                    1. re: freakerdude

                                                      PDQ's chicken sandwich is really good with hot sauce!

                                                2. Harbourside's first restaurant is opening Oct 11. It is Bravo Cucina from the Brio chain. Also opening will be Too Bizarre at a date unknown. I find it odd that they TB is jumping on the bandwagon, but I guess they will be closing their current location just across the Intracoastal?

                                                  Just announced today is Tiger Woods first restaurant called The Woods Jupiter. It is still in the planning stage but will open around the first quarter of 2015 at Harbourside.

                                                  It's kind of sad to see Jupiter jump in on the City Place like monstrosity. Small privately owned restaurants and businesses will be hurt temporarily by this place. I don't think there are enough high end people to patronize it, as Jupiter is mostly blue collar.