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Aug 20, 2013 09:32 AM

El Molcajete in Flemington

Just found out a new Mexican place opened up in Mexican on Old Croton Rd, (prior home of Back Road BBQ). A local family owns it. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear it is authentic and good. I'll report back once I go.

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  1. I really miss Back Road BBQ. After it closed I would drive by the location every once in a while to see if anything had replaced it. I will definitely try this new place. Tough location though.

    1. Went to this place a couple of times but forgot to post. It no frills and inexpensive. I usually get a mix of tacos, or the chile relenjos. We haven't been there for a couple of months because the last time we went we dined in, the AC was off and it was boiling! I should go back there for takeout, the food was good (especially for this area) and the family that runs it is really nice. Hopefully they will do well, it is great to have some good food in this area.

      1. We made it over this weekend. Unfortunately, though, we were the only patrons in the place. I found it to be very authentic, quite tasty, and well-priced. The pork tacos were very good, the pork tamales, were just OK, and the chicken enchiladas verde were delicious. The chips were fresh and the salsa was HOT, but good. The family was very sweet. The A/C was not turned on, but it was a beautiful day and the windows were open, so it was very comfortable. My only complaints are that they don't serve tap water, so you have to buy bottled water, and also the dishes didn't come with any sides. Sides are a la carte. Considering the prices, though, this isn't really a problem. I will definitely go back.

        1. Ate here over the holidays - glad to see it was still there given that space seems off the beaten track. Was fantastic - tamales, enchiladas, carnitas taco, chips and guacamole all first rate. Looks like the have breakfast on the weekends too which looks great. Hopefully enough people find the place to keep it going, its the best mexican we've found in the area by far!

          1. I ate here twice before Christmas - both times for lunch - and the food was very good. For that reason alone, I will be going back. However, service was painfully slow both times. Even though there weren't many people in the restaurant, the kitchen seemed to take a very long time getting meals to tables.