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Aug 20, 2013 07:52 AM

Food Truck Frenzy in Vero Beach Saturday attended by over 10,000

The first "Food Truck Frenzy" was held Saturday evening in Riverside Park in Vero Beach. I did not attend, and glad of it. Half the vendors closed up shop two hours into the four hour event, having sold out their wares. Over ten thousand people attended, traffic was severely backed up on the Barber Bridge, and people waited in lines stretching up to a quarter mile long. 90 minute wait for a lobster roll. Was it worth it, people? I'm not sure what this event says about our area--that people are so hungry for decent food in Vero that they'll wait in line for 30 to 90 minutes, in the sun, in 85-degree heat, for small portions dished out of a food truck? Or is it just as simple as folks wanting to take part in a trend that seems to be sweeping the rest of the country? Vero doesn't seem to lend itself to a food truck culture, no critical mass of patrons.

There is an article in the TC Palm but it's behind the paywall. No comments in the article on the quality of the offerings, mostly on the disastrous aspects of the event, organized by some local non-profit.

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