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Aug 20, 2013 07:40 AM

Mission Cantina?

Now that it has been open for several weeks, are there any comments? Is it worth a try?

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  1. Ate there with my DH and kids about a week ago. Excellent tacos, especially the pork ones, and the various salsas were really good. Tasty meal, but overpriced. I liked it, but not enough to put into regular rotation.

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    1. re: DrMag

      Did you happen to notice if they have a real (wood) grill (not griddle) for their carne asada , and do they have a fish taco(what type of fish? fried or grilled?) Thx much.

      Edit: I WAS hopeful..until i looked at the Y__p reviews. I didn't realize it had been open 2 months. If it got the 2stars treatment from Y, i can't imagine it becoming a CH fav.
      sigh.wouldn't that have been great......