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Aug 20, 2013 06:05 AM

Roasting chicken talk again

So I've tried many types of chickens to make roast chicken. I've tried from supermarket brand chicken to Bell and Evan brand chicken to some expensive gourmet chicken purchased from a farm...and I thought the best roasted chicken was rewarded by using Empire kosher chicken. It must be the brining that was done to kosher chicken but the meat is always so tender, moist and juicy and flavorful. Even my 5 yr daughter's eyes widened after tasting it. So do you have preferences for types or brand of chicken you use to roast it?
When I am using parts of chicken, I love Bell and Evan because Empire doesn't seem to have chicken thighs which I love the most...

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  1. While I'm goyim, I have to agree - Kosher chicken are great, I even special order them so I have them on-hand in the freezer. But I do find that brining helps all chicken that I buy.

    The best chicken I ever had was in France. I have no idea what breed it was but it roasted up so well - the crispiest skin and juiciest meat (one of those that came with the head and feat attached).

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      yes and the potatoes that come with the die for.

    2. I love the pre brined organic chickens at Trader Joes. Brining makes all the diff. Empire Kosher is too gross for me, all the feathers and stuff due to kosher style processing,

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        I didn't realize Trader Joe's had pre brined chicken. Is this their own brand? I must look for this.

        I know what you mean by those gross feathers. Why is it that all Kosher chickens and turkeys have feathers? what is the process?

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          It's labeled their own, but I'm pretty sure it's Coleman, from the wrapper, similar to Costco Coleman organic, but unbrined. It's very perfectly brined, huge flavor explosion. And MUCH cleaner than kosher. In my store in NY, it's priced under $3 per lb.

          Koshering doesn't allow the use of hot water that facilitates feather removal.

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            I usually roast the thanksgiving turkey and because my MIL eats kosher, I always buy kosher turkey and I have spent a good amount of time plucking those big huge gross looking feathers. I've asked her my MIL why but she didn't know why kosher birds have I know why.

            Thanks for the tip on the brined chicken from TJ. I love eating organic food but never found chicken to be that tasty..

      2. I don't buy the brined birds. I like the All Natural birds from TJ's (green lable). I prefer the fryers to the roasters, seem a bit more tender. The reason for these is they are readily available and reasonably priced. Otherwise, I also Mary's ,Rocky Jr, or Rosies.

        1. I made some roasted garlic yesterday, and was thinking it would probably be good smeared all over the chicken, along with some sea salt, black pepper and fresh parsley.

          1. I usually use organic chickens, most often from Whole Foods.