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Shepherd and Allan expressway?

Hi Hounds, need your help again.

I'm spending a lot of time near the aforementioned location, and wondering what might be near that I'm unaware of?

The only places I've located so far are a Boston pizza (shudder) and a Starbucks.

Anything half decent within a 10 minute drive?

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  1. There's a middle-eastern/shwarma place in the Boston Pizza/McDonald's complex at Rimrock. It was positively reviewed here a week or so ago. Sorry, I don't know the name, but they also had a Groupon offer last week. Its newly opened. Also, there's a Yummy Market on Dufferin south of Finch that is well-loved. Here's a link to their other location but some of the comments are for the Dufferin store:


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      Big +1 for Yummy Mkt. 4400 Dufferin.

      1. Both Dr. Laffa locations could be within a 10 minute drive, depending on traffic and time of day. Bel Cibo on Dufferin near Wilson is ok for Italian sandwiches (not as good as California imo- maybe one of the California locations is within 10 minutes, depending on the traffic).

        I'd think one of the independent Italian sandwich places on Steeles would be less than 10 minutes from you. Also could visit TovLi or Me Va Me.

        Yakamoz on Wilson w of Bathurst also might be within 10. Has anyone been lately? It's been a while since my last visit.

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            Commisso Bros Italian Sandwiches at 8 Kincroft should also be reachable.

          2. Europa Bar 3030 Bathurst for schnitzels
            Bagel House 1722 Avenue Rd
            Que Hong Banh Mi 2437 Finch - awesome
            Pho Dau Bo 2437 Finch - also awesome

            Plus you have Nella Cutlery 148 Norfinch, Kristapsons Smoked Salmon 3248 Yonge, and the Seafood Depot 81 Avia Park for excellent supplies !

            1. its been i while since ive dined in the area so not sure whats still good let alone still exists. i will leave it to others to update my thoughts:

              - downsview market saturdays
              - cant recall which one was best but viet in plaza nw corner keele/sheppard (12mins might get you que huong)
              - a columbian place at wilson/dufferin
              - bagels near bathurst/wilson
              - if youre lucky with traffic me va me at steeles/bathurst
              - raps, randys and others are in range at allen/eg
              - korean at sheppard/yonge (might even be bbq there but not tried)
              - even stockyards might only be 12mins away

              (i can go from work to g ross lord in 30mins at 6pm on a weekday)

              - khao san road

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                Some of the suggestions here, as good as they are, are more -sometimes considerably more - than your requested 10-minute drive in mid-day from Sheppard Ave. and the Allan Expressway. (Take it from a guy who regularly drives in the neighbourhood.) I'll assume it's lunch you're looking for. In which case, let me suggest Bagel Plus, a bakery and cafe in a plaza on the northwest corner of Sheppard Ave. and Bathurst St. Locally popular, and with good reason. Tasty soups, sandwiches on fresh-baked bagels, buns and breads, Jewish-style specialties, that sort of thing. They also do a pretty good breakfast. A lively joint, packed with regulars, it's essentially a diner with a Jewish twist. Decent prices, good, swift service.

              2. ben and izzys? ive not been but definitely want to:

                - khao san road

                1. I have some dates with Dr. Laffa coming up! Thanks for the suggestions, all. I'll let you know what I manage to work through!

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                    Get the shakshuka! With the merguez sausage if you like lamb.

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                      A gentle suggestion to those of you that go to Dr. Laffa at lunchtime and then back to work..... eat mints, use mouthwash, clean your teeth, preferably all three. My colleagues ordered this last week. Besides being extremely messy, (a couple of them had it down the front of their clothing for the rest of the day), the whole office smelled like garlic. Not that's a bad thing, but only if everyone is eating it Fortunately we had no clients come in that afternoon. It did indeed look very yummy, though. Huge portions that would have easily fed two.

                    2. I've had excellent Italian sandwiches (meatball & veal) from Papa Zucchero's Italian Eatery on Wilson Heights just north of Sheppard. It's become my favourite local restaurant. See Yelp reviews here: http://j.mp/1f3e8NN

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                          That's a shame. Good people - good homemade food. It's a very tough location and seems to change owners & style every year or so. I better enjoy it while it still exists.

                      1. I work near there. Not a great selection. There's a decent Mr. Greek on Finch. Yummy Market is good. Cali sandwich is very close.
                        The new food court at Yorkdale is actually really good too. You just have to deal with parking at the mall.
                        I sometimes drive up to Promenade Mall for Marche. Yeah, that's how dire the situation is.

                        1. There's a California Sandwiches right there.

                          I only went once like 15 years ago. Remember other locations being better.

                          But it's been 15 years and I think that location has had some mildly favourable reviews on CH.

                          A shawarma place that looks interesting on the same side (north, Sheppard), about a block west of California Sandwiches. Never been, but it looks interesting. Right next door to Almost Perfect.

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                            @magic, my colleague had a shawarma from that place when they first opened and got halfway through to find raw chicken. I wouldn't recommend it.

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                              Yikes! Good to know, thanks.....

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                                Wait, how the heck does that even happen?

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                                  Good question! Maybe it's because they had just opened and it was bad luck to hit on that *rare* mistake? Guessing they aren't actively putting out raw chicken but I've never been...

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                                    I more meant the method of making shwarma would make this really hard (boiled) ;)

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                                      Agreed but actually I have seen it where really busy places do need to throw the chicken on the flat top to finish cooking the meat. It would occasionally happen at the place in the Eaton Centre...

                            2. Kum Kang San BBQ on Dufferin almost at Steeles. I ate there only once but it was really tasty. Korean and Japanese BBQ, sushi, noodles, etc. Really tasty!

                              1. Dr Laffa is crap whatever the location and overpriced.
                                Anoush is reasonably tasty good grub and you get a real meal for less than $10. They still have a coupon on Groupon. I have even been there without a coupon.
                                Yummy market is impossibly salty and has gotten clumsier over the years. Overcooked and oily are its lesser sins. I think it is take out only.
                                Europa is Hungarian, not what Hungarian restaurants used to be, (blessed be the names Nick and Leslie, the Queens of Queen St.) but still good grub and lots of it. Plan on sharing what you order.
                                Paprikash on the north west corner of Bathurst and the street north of Ranee is also good.
                                Easy parking at all these places.

                                See prior posts on these places.

                                Please advise how you made out.