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Aug 19, 2013 10:12 PM

Phoenix Dinner

I need a dinner spot for two for a middle-aged man's birthday dinner. (Me!) My wife and I lean toward places with the ability to pick and choose, as opposed to tasting menus or traditional three or four course meals. No Asian or steak houses; Italian, seafood, Mexican and Southwestern preferred. Flexible about location, although Scottsdale/North Phoenix preferred. Cocktails a must. Saturday night in September. Cost not an issue. TIA

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  1. HI Lawyerbriefs!
    I'm a September birthday gal too...the 16th.

    Lon's at the Hermosa is a lovely place and great food
    T. Cook's at the Royal Palms resort has a new chef and they are re-opening in Sept.
    Bink's in Cave Creek is outstanding
    Kaz bar in old Scottsdale for drinks and apps

    Happy Birthday!

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      We are doing Lon's tomorrow night, with a great UK friend. Will be the first visit in a few months, and will report.

      T. Cook's was a great fav. of ours, but they have let us down twice, in the recent past. Hope that the change will benefit them, as we used to love them, and I recommended them very often.

      Have not been to Kaz in a few years. Need to get to Scottsdale, as we have been been fans of Peter's in the past.



    2. 14th! HB to you!!!

      Lots of Facebook chatter about Chelsea's Kitchen. Been there?

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        I would avoid Chelsea's kitchen. I used to be a fan, but my last experience there was underwhelming at best. To start their cocktail list and craft beers are embarrassing and they have not kept up with the times as far as craft beer and cocktails are concerned. The food itself was hit or miss. They basically overcooked everything that swam prior to hitting the fire....

        As most on this board know by now, I am a fan of The Mission and CPH. You also can't go wrong with Cowboy Ciao, Roaring Fork, or Zinc Bistro. If you want to reconsider menus with fixed courses, we had a fabulous meal at Crudo. A truly fun place to eat and drink.