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Aug 19, 2013 08:26 PM

What's going on with EMP? Closed?????

In Sunday's NY Times Business Section there is an Auction Sales section on the back page. There was a listing for a 'HIGH END MANHATTAN RESTAURANT' at 11 Madison Ave., NYC.
Auction was for today 8/19 at 1 pm.

Everything including walk-in freezers, 74 dining tables, 127 dining chairs, 30 bar chairs, phone system with 10 lines, tons more.......what's up?

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  1. link to the article? can't find anything online. checked the calendar - it's not April 1st...

    Found this: http://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/18...

    The auction includes outdoor tables and chairs, which i've never seen at EMP. maybe it's something different.

    Appears to be La Mar: www.lamarcebicheria.com/‎

    Couple of minutes of real excitement there!

    1. There was already a thread on this today that seems to have been removed? Anyway, the link to the auctioneer's website clearly showed La Mer's dining room, not EMP's. It's an address, not just the restaurant's name. ;)

        1. So NYers don't dig Peruvan haute cuisine?

          Never been La Mar in NYC but I've enjoyed them in Lima and Panama City.