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Aug 19, 2013 08:13 PM

One Night in Seattle

If you just had one night in Seattle....where would you go? Price is not the (main) just has to be top flight...

Off the wall might be just the ticket....

Thanks chowhounders!

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      1. Most of us on the board have all of our nights in Seattle, and will find this game a not very useful exercise. Hence the "Dick's" answer.

        Don't hide the ball, DC.

        Better if you could tell us about your interests. You will visit, when and for how long? You have just one night (or is that a game to get strong recs for mutiiple nights)? What are your interests/budget/neighborhood? Already have places under consideration from reading this board?

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        1. re: Gizmo56

          Fair question. We will be staying on portage bay, so we're thinking Capitol hill or Ballard. Been here for a few nights, but leaving for the San Juan's and back next weekend for one night - then back to dc....

          Loved Capitol hill when I went to high school there years ago, but man has it changed - almost don't recognize it (but sure...I remember dicks). Overwhelming choices there, not sure where to start

          Ballard - I was interested in walrus and carpenter. staple & fancy? Bastille? (had lunch at paseo...holy smokes, that roast pork was insanely delicious)

          So here is what would be ideal...local produce, sparse presentation with ingredients as the centerpiece. Almost any style would appeal, but French, Asian might be best. something like walrus seems like it might be the ticket, but given our plane flight, will need a place that takes reservations

          Hopefully that's a little more focused without making it TOO easy.


          1. re: DCepicurious

            Walrus could be a good pick. If you are willing to show up early (just before 4 pm) and then take your time ordering a course at a time, a reservation won't be essential. Critical fave sister restaurant The Whale Wins might likewise work nicely for your criteria.

            See the recently revived thread on Revel. Also on the NW side of town, think about Joule.

            Capitol Hill is indeed loaded with possibilities. For simply presented French, consider Cafe Presse:

            Perhaps consider crawling Capitol Hill for small bites and drinks, stopping at spots like Quinn's:

            Have a great visit and especially enjoy summer's end on the beautiful San Juan Islands, and give my regards to the District. I lived in suburban Maryland for a time and have some good memories.

        2. Boat Street. Still Erickson owned and still delicious.

          1. Art of the Table is Dustin Ronspies little locavore spot in Wallingford. Across the University bridge and up 40th to Stone Way and a block or two more.